Free Marriage Counseling: Can It Save You From Divorce?

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free marriage counselingMarriage can be quite difficult. It is no wonder that people believe that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This statistic, regardless of whether is real or not, doesn’t have to define your marriage or your life choices. So many people hear horror stories from many unhappily married couples and think that maybe marriage just isn’t something they would like to try out. Should they eventually end up married, they are forever apprehensive and half expect it to fail.

The wonders of marriage counseling

The notion that your marriage will fail should be far from your mind. You have access to a host of solutions and avenues you can take to make it work. Even when you are on the rocks and think that there is no way back for you and your loved one, there is still marriage counseling. According to statistics, couples who go for marriage counseling stand a better chance of working through their strife than those who do not.

But, whether marriage counseling works for your marriage will depend on a few factors.

  • Your willingness to let it work.
  • Your ability to listen and empathize.
  • Your ability to open up.
  • Your ability to change.
  • How deep your marital problems go.
  • How well you respond to the techniques used by your therapist or counsellor.

As you can see, marriage counseling is not exactly fool-proof. While it might work wonders for one couple, it could spell ruin for another. The statistics, however, support the fact that marriage counselling does work for a majority of couples. Whether you are just getting started on the rocky path or are already on the rocks, you should give marriage counseling a try before you decide what next.

Are there any free marriage counseling options?

In some cases, you might be able to get free marriage counseling, at local communities or churches. While this kind of counseling might not be offered by qualified professionals, it can still help to address relationship issues in a climate of familiarity and comfort. In countries such as the UK, the National Health Service offers free marriage counseling with a qualified professional. In the U.S., however, you would have to pay a fee for every session.

Marriage counsellors are affordable. The alternative is either divorce or seeing different kinds of specialists like a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Both of whom cost a lot more.

Compatibly with your commitments, I would recommend to get both professional and free marriage counseling for maximum results. But if you can’t afford to pay a counselor, free marriage counseling alone can help a great deal, and is better than doing nothing to solve your marriage issues. The first step to take is to search the internet for free marriage counseling in your area and see what your options are.

Why should you consider marriage counseling with your partner?

In one sentence: it works faster than individual counseling.

Yes, there is a good chance that your partner may be opposed to the idea of marriage counseling at first. Should that persist, you can still make a huge impact and change the direction your relationship takes by going for individual counselling. This, however, takes much longer to make an impact because quite frankly, you are working alone. That being said, individual counseling is still an idea you should entertain in the event that your partner is adamant about not going for the sessions.

The whole idea of marriage counseling is to illuminate the barriers and hurdles that are within your relationship. Many of these barriers and hurdles did not put themselves there. It took an effort from both of you, albeit unintentional, to get things to where they are right now. As soon you both start realizing whatever it is you are doing to sabotage yourselves, the better you will both be and the smoother your relationship will sail. But, as it took both of you to get here, it will take both of you to get yourselves out. Although in the event of a difficult partner, just one person working to keep the marriage may actually make it work eventually. But, it would be much faster if both of you attended.

Will marriage counselling save you from divorce?

free marriage counsleing pic2When people ask this question, what they are really asking is whether or not marriage counselling is guaranteed to work for their particular union. The hard and cold truth is that some marriages are just not meant to be. This is to say that both parties would be better off, emotionally, physically and spiritually apart.

Yes, for those who are genuinely going through a rough patch and just need some direction on how to find themselves and their love for one another again, professional marriage counselling will work. A skilled counsellor will use what is known as EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy). This allows the couple to reorganize their emotional responses towards one another all the while learning how to listen and actually hear one another.

Will marriage counseling work for you? That depends on how intent you are on making it work. Qualified and experienced marriage counselling spare no effort to help you navigate these choppy waters, but both you and your partner have to be willing to do what it takes to make it work.

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