Why Do Rebound Relationships Feel Like Love

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We all know that one person who just can’t stay single for long. Within weeks of a break-up, they’re already onto their next relationship. And somehow, this new relationship always feels like the greatest love of their life. So what’s going on here? Why does a rebound relationship feel so good?

Rebound Relationship Feel Like Love

There’s no simple answer to this question. But one thing is for sure: rebound relationships are never as good as they seem. Research shows that people who get into rebound relationships tend to have lower self-esteem and be less satisfied with their lives overall. So, if you’re thinking about getting into a rebound relationship, be careful! It may not be as great as it seems.

Instead, take some time to focus on yourself. Spend time with your friends and family, do things that make you happy, and let yourself heal from the break-up. When you’re ready, you’ll find someone new who’s perfect for you.

Why Do People Get In Rebound Relationships?

Not Ready To Be Alone

People often get into rebound relationships because they’re not ready to be alone. They want to feel loved and cherished, so they dive into a new relationship before they even have time to process the break-up.

It makes sense based on pure emotion.  If being with someone brings you joy, it’s much easier to jump immediately into a relationship to try and skip the pain that can come with a breakup.

Based On Physical Attraction

Rebound relationships are usually based on physical attraction and not emotional connection, which is what makes them so intense but also short-lived because they’re not based on a deep emotional connection between two people who truly care about each other’s well-being.

Looking For A Distraction

When someone goes through a breakup they’re often left feeling hurt and confused about why their partner left them in the first place. If they were happy together then what happened? Why did he/she want to break up with me now of all times?

Rebound relationships are a way for people to feel loved again without having to deal with their own emotions or the process of moving on. They’re also known as transitional relationships because they tend to take place between one relationship ending and another starting up.

When someone gets involved with someone else shortly after their last partner was unfaithful or abusive, it usually means that person isn’t ready yet to deal with their own feelings about what happened in that relationship.

Why Do Rebound Relationships Not Work

You Are Moving Too Fast

Rebound relationships usually tend to move very fast.  Relationships take time, take learning about others, and involve emotional ups and downs in determining if you are compatible.

But in a rebound relationship, you have just dealt with the pain of a breakup so the last thing you want in your life is more pain.  Because of this, the relationship tends to move very fast.  You bypass the period of really learning about the other person and just want to enjoy all the fun aspects of a relationship.

Your Trying To Replace Your Ex

In a rebound relationship, it is incredibly difficult not to compare the new person to your ex.  You are constantly thinking of the things this new person does either better or worse than your ex.  There are certain traits that you do or do not want them to have based on the experiences of your previous relationship.

This can be incredibly unfair to your new partner and will cause you to see them in a vision skewed by your past relationship instead of seeing them for who they are.

You’re Not Yourself

In a rebound relationship, it can be very easy to pretend to be someone else.  You still have the trauma of your breakup and you start analyzing what may have led to it.  What was it about your ex that he did not like?

With the new relationship, it is easy to try and “change” those parts about you to please the new person in your life even though it is not really who you are.  And because rebound relationships aren’t usually based on a deep emotional connection, those false changes about yourself can be easy to maintain because the other person doesn’t know the real you.

Take Time To Heal

Heal Relationship

If you’re thinking about getting into a rebound relationship, take some time to heal from the previous break-up. Spend time with your friends and family, do things that make you happy, and let yourself mourn the loss of your relationship.

When you’re ready, you’ll find someone new who’s perfect for you. And this time, you’ll be in a healthy relationship that’s based on mutual respect and love.

How to Heal

It’s important to take time to heal after a breakup before jumping right into another relationship. If you’ve been hurt by an ex-partner, it’s easy to blame them for your pain or even hate them. But sometimes people do things because they’re in pain themselves – and if we can find compassion for the other person, it can be the first step on the road to healing.

If you’re finding it difficult to forgive your ex, try thinking about the things that might have led them to make the choices they did. Maybe they were feeling lost and alone like you are now. Maybe they were trying their best but just didn’t know how to fix the situation.

When you can see things from their perspective, it becomes a little easier to forgive them. And when you do that, you’re freeing yourself up to start moving on with your life. You don’t have to forget what happened – but you can choose not to let the past control your present and future.

Sometimes, It Does Work

Sometimes people rebound into a healthy, long-term relationship. This is usually because they took the time to really learn about themselves and what they want in a partner. They weren’t just looking for a distraction from their last breakup.

Instead, they used their time alone to reflect on what they truly need and want in a relationship. As a result, they’re better able to know who’s right for them and who isn’t.

Some people also have the “once bitten, twice shy” approach to new relationships. They’ve learned from their previous mistakes and are determined not to repeat them in future relationships. So, they move slowly into new relationships with caution and care, focusing on getting to know the other person rather than just jumping into bed. This can sometimes lead to a healthy, long-term relationship.

Know What You Want

Get into a new relationship when you are ready and fully healed from your last relationship.  Just going out and dating and having fun is one thing, but if you are really looking for love and a long-term partner, be careful before just immediately jumping into a new relationship.

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