If Women Actually Did These 10 Things Men Would Never Cheat

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man cheating on his wife. Why do men cheat. Why men cheat. Relationship advice for womenWhen most men cheat on their women, it is usually not because they don’t love them anymore. Why do men cheat then? Usually it is for many reasons that may not necessarily involve their sexual feelings towards their women. Some men may cheat simply because they feel smothered in the relationship. Others may cheat because their partners no longer seem to have any time for them. Others will cheat simply because they feel that they can.

Whatever the reason why men cheat, here is some relationship advice for women to help keep their own man from straying.

Do these 10 things so that your man will never cheat on you

1. Always let him know how much you love him

Sometimes when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it is easy to begin to develop a false sense of security. You should never forget that even though he’s a man, he still has feelings. Most women may start to take their men for granted when they’ve been together for a while. This eventually makes the man feel unappreciated and even ignored. If this goes on long enough, he will look for that affection somewhere else.

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2. Find his love language

There are five languages of love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.  People respond differently to each one of the five languages of love, but everyone has one that warms their heart the most. Find his and speak it to him as often as you can. Find out what he enjoys the most. When you do this, he will know that you truly love him just the way you did when you first fell in love. That feeling will keep him from straying.

3. Do not become too accommodating

It is okay to be insecure about your relationship sometimes. However, you should never try to bend over backwards just to please your man.

What most women don’t know is that when you try too hard to accommodate your man he will notice it, and that will turn him off. Always remember that he is with you because at one point he saw a part of you that he loved.

When you change that part, he may feel short changed.

4. Don’t be shy about initiating sex

While it is usually the man who initiates sex, he may feel even more desired if the woman does it once in a while. Funnily enough, women that never show their men how much they desire them are those that keep asking “why do men cheat?” but have the answer right in front of their eyes. Occasionally, surprise your man and be the one to initiate sex. This way he will not have any doubts about your feelings towards him.

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5. Avoid becoming too controlling

No one likes anyone who tries to force him or her to do what he or she doesn’t feel like doing.

When you are in a relationship, you must fight that urge to try to make your man do what works best for you. While it may feel good when he does something that pleases you, let him do it when it’s most convenient for him.

Avoid nagging, blaming, criticizing, punishing, threatening, or bribing your man just to get him to do what you want. If you are too controlling, he will become fed up soon and try to find someone else who won’t make him jump over too many hurdles.

6. Always be conscious of your emotions

Most of the time women use their emotions to communicate their feelings or state of mind to the world. This usually happens with little or none of their knowledge. They may communicate sadness, anger, disappointment, rage, etc. mostly without even knowing it. Men usually pick this up. Some men may take that as a signal to begin doing things differently while some may, unfortunately, see it as a sign that they have lost your affection and need to start looking for love elsewhere.

7. Be willing to experiment

Experimenting in the bedroom may be difficult for some women, but don’t forget that someone else will be willing to do what you are not. Once in a while, try new things with your man. As you experiment, ensure that you’re also comfortable and enjoying the process, otherwise it will all be counterproductive is one of you feels shortchanged.

8. Have a look at the patterns of his past relationships

Find out as much as you can about his previous relationships. The reason for this is that there are men who believe that they are hardwired genetically to have as many sexual relations with women as possible. You should definitely look at this in the early stage of your relationship. If your man’s dating history matches this kind of behavior, chances are that he won’t change. He will be very likely to cheat on you at some point in your relationship. The best remedy in this case would be to walk away as early as possible and avoid a future heartbreak.

9. Give your relationship a high priority

While it shouldn’t be an excuse, you will often find that when a man strays from a relationship, the women will also be having an affair of her own. Even though the woman’s affair may not necessarily be a sexual one, it may be in the form of a prioritization of other things like a job, the children, a charity, book club meetings, etc. This could also be anything that puts the man on the lowest tier of her daily concerns.
Always prioritize your relationship and give your man as much time as you can each day. When everything else comes crumbling down, your man will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

10. Respect his alone-time

Just the way your man needs some of your time every day, he also needs some time to himself. Most men cheat because they feel smothered by their women. When the smothering becomes unbearable, they engage in affairs so that they can get back some control over their lives. Let your man spend some time away from you. You don’t need to spend every waking minute with him. Let him spend some time with his friends or let him pursue a hobby. This way he will feel that he still has his freedom.

You fell in love with your man for a reason. When you find yourself becoming unhappy in your relationship, try to look inside yourself for a solution. Do not start pointing fingers because this will only make things worse. Find out what it is that’s making you unhappy. If you find that the solution involves active input from your man, talk to him. Whatever the situation you may be facing, always remember that no relationship is perfect.

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Lisa - July 6, 2017

Seriously, some people cheat because they are cheaters. Cheating is a decision. There isn’t a list of things that will prevent cheating except choosing a person who is an emotional grown up. If you’re in a relationship and things start to slide, you talk about it, you don’t cheat. If you’re in a relationship and you want out, you break it off, you don’t cheat.

Both men and women cheat, but not all men and women cheat. Choose well and talk about the big and little things. And if your partner cheats it’s not because you didn’t do these 10 things, it’s because s/he is a cheater. Learn from your mistake and choose better next time.

    Ivan - July 6, 2017

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 They say “once a cheater, always a cheater”, and that “cheating is a choice” ..
    Sometimes this can be true and a man or a woman will cheat no matter what.
    But some other times people can become cheaters, due to various reasons, including – but not limited to – the way a relationship evolves. I’ve seen this happening on many occasions, unfortunately. Partners might start taking each other for granted, become less and less involved in the relationship, and instead of growing together they grow further apart. Is it really so difficult to be pro-active in keeping a marriage healthy and alive so that this doesn’t happen? I don’t think it would hurt, even when the possibility of cheating is null. In fact, this is not about preventing cheating at all, it’s about learning the importance of understanding and giving in a marriage.


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