The Best Marriage Advice Quotes You’ve Never Heard Of

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marriage advice quotesIf you are in a healthy and strong marriage, you might not think that you need marriage advice quotes to inspire you, but even in good marriages, some advice might be beneficial to you and your family.

Exploring marriage advice quotes can be fun. At the same time, they will offer you some pearls of wisdom that will make sure your marriage is still something that you will be happy with and can want to stay in.

I have collected here my three favorite quotes about love and marriage. I’m sure you’ve never heard of these sayings, as they are not very popular, and you won’t find them anywhere else on the web. You can double check this by searching for these quotes on the internet. You won’t find any results except for and related pages, I promise. If you do, then chances are that those quotes were copied from here and no credit was given to our work, which is something that these days happens often unfortunately.

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The reason why these quotes are not so popular is that they don’t belong to any famous author or writer. They belong to people that I have met in my life, and that have come through for me during hard times in my relationships. Some of them may be folk wisdom or sayings, but I have heard them as they were spoken by people directly, hence they may be a little different from the usual love quotes you find on the internet. In addition, I have heard these three sayings in languages other than English, and it is difficult to render them without losing some of their quality. Hence, they might sound a little “different”, but that’s part of their beauty!

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I was hesitant at first as to whether I’d feel like sharing these quotes, as some of them are quite personal, but then I thought:”if these words helped me, they could help other people too.”

The first one was told to me by my grandmother when I finished college. My education was completed, but I was far from being a complete person, capable of loving someone and share my life with them. The quote goes like:

” The presenting of love can be an education alone.”  

--My grandmother

It is a superb quote, which demonstrates that you have to keep learning if you need your relationship to grow, and that love itself can educate more than any other teacher.

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The second quote was something that an old man in my hometown used to tell me when I was having arguments with my then-girlfriend. The quote is:

“You can’t ever really be happy with someone you can’t ever be mad at. “

--An old wise man I used to know

It is a really powerful quote, and it is absolutely true. It is very easy to be nice with people we don’t care about, but when someone matters to us everything gets more intense, and controlling our feelings can be difficult. But wouldn’t it be worrying if everything went always smoothly and you and your spouse never had arguments? It would mean two things: either you don’t really care about each other, or you are just suppressing your real emotions.

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This third quote was an advice from one of my best friend given to me when I first met my current partner and fell in love with her. I was feeling strange and weak, but also happy, and I was wondering what was happening to me. She told me:

“Love is the only thing that will make you rise up when you fall in it.”

--My best friend

This one is very interesting because it depicts the double nature of love perfectly. True love will shake your foundations and make you crumble, but it is through this feeling that you can experience the bliss of it fully.

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Reading marriage advice quotes can also start communication for some. Pick three marriage quotes among the most popular quotes that remind you of your relationship. Ask your partner to do the same to enable you to compare them and speak about what they imply for you. What your partner chooses may amaze you. Discussing these quotes can help show appreciation, to improve romance, also to make your romance fun on a completely new level.

If you are an unmarried couple, this type of advice can even help you to determine if you are actually ready for marriage and can stop some major mistakes before they happen. Young couples, in particular, can benefit from this because they usually have no idea about how much work is involved in a marriage and a guiding hand might be just what they need.

The very first place I would look for this kind of advice would be the local church. A pastor can usually help you to understand what marriage was originally intended for and what your role in the marriage is. For example, speaking of marriage advice quotes, the pastor might be able to quote scriptures from the Bible that can show you what the spiritual side of marriage truly is like.

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