6 Unquestionable Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore

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Love is a tricky game. Most relationships start with fun and flowers, dates that you never want to end and a sense of camaraderie that makes you want to put a ring on her finger and make her yours forever. After a while, some marriages start to fall apart and it becomes clear that a man's wife doesn't love him anymore. When a woman is falling out of love with her man, she rarely comes right out and says it. Instead, the signs will be made clear to him in a series of behavior changes.

6 Signs Your Wife Doesn't Love You Anymore

If you think that things at home are starting to fall apart, here are a few tell-tale signs your wife doesn't love you any more.

1. A lack of intimacy

Hand-holding, hugging and sex are all forms of emotional intimacy that strengthen romantic relationships. People need a certain amount of emotional intimacy in this form and, ideally, you should be able to get that from your wife. If your wife starts to cringe when you touch her or always makes excuses not to be intimate, that's a massive red flag.

Anybody who has been married for a while will tell you that a reduction in physical intimacy is expected, and they are right. After you've been together for a long time then the passion starts to die out and couples aren't as eager to jump each others' bones as they used to be. The problem arises when she refuses all intimate contact for no apparent reason.

2. She doesn't check in

People who care about you always want to know what's going on in your life. As your wife, she should feel a strong connection with you and want to make sure that your day is going fine. The daytime texts may start to slow down after a while but if she has no interest at all in how your day went, she's no longer investing her emotions into you, and a woman who has checked out emotionally is about to check out physically.

Of course there are some exceptions to the rule. Sometimes she doesn't want to bother you or maybe she's just been busy. What you should look out for are prolonged bouts of no communication that don't seem to have any valid reason at all.

3. She's always grumpy when you're around

Have you ever walked into a room that was lively and then everybody gets moody as soon as they see you? That's normal if you walk into a room that's filled with your ex-girlfriends but it's a sign that your wife is about to join that list of exes if she acts in the same manner. People who love you are happy to have you in their space; people who don't will make you feel like you're tracking mud everywhere.

Another sign of irrationally grumpy behavior is if she suddenly becomes a nag and takes offense at every small thing that you do. If the sound of you breathing or even chewing suddenly bugs her then it's a good sign that she does not love you any more.

4. She doesn't have time for you

The best thing about marriage is that you get to spend time with your lover and best friend. This is why it is a big sign of trouble when she would rather do anything other than hang out with you.

Of course, you don't want to be clingy. You want your spouse to have a fulfilling life outside of the marriage so that she can at least come back with funny stories but a husband should never feel like he has to compete for her time. If her friends and family get more of her time than you do, then she doesn't love you anymore and is preparing herself for life without you.

5. She's always talking about another man

Unless you keep your wife at home, barefoot and pregnant, there's a good chance that she's meeting new people everyday. You'd like to be able to trust that she behaves well in those situations however if she is constantly telling you about a workmate or that guy she hangs out with at the gym, then she's got another man on her mind and she doesn't care if you know. If she still loved you then she'd want to keep it a secret and spare your feelings.

This is a tricky sign to deal with because acting out in jealousy may push even farther away. She might still love you, despite her open cuckoldry, but if you see this sign then you should at least consider paternity testing for any future children that you have together.

6. She's cheating

Cheating in a relationship is the ultimate form of disrespect. The two you have swore to love and cherish only each other in front of God and witnesses and if she's willing to break that vow, then she's lost whatever love she may have had on the wedding day. When she lets another man into her heart, there's little room left for her husband.

Some women have a high libido and desire for adventure and might still sleep around even if she still loves her husband. This is the 21st Century and relationship norms aren't what they used to be so if you knew about her promiscuous ways and still married her, then you're a more understanding man than most but this is the exception to the rule.

Recognize The Signs Your Wife Doesn't Love You Anymore?: Can You Save Your Marriage Once The Love Is Gone?

If you see any of the above signs your wife doesn't love you anymore, you should act quickly to save your marriage. A woman's love is a like a grape- it's juicy and tasty when it starts out but it doesn't stay that way for long. If you leave it to its own devices it will rot and turn bitter but if you preserve it properly then you'll still have a tasty raisin that's got enough wrinkles on it to match how long you and your wife have been together.

If you don't know how to tap into a woman's heart, getting a woman to fall back in love with you is as difficult as turning that rotten grape back into a full-blooded fruit. Sure, you could always try counselling. Couples who go for counselling sometimes see results but the return to bliss is rare and short-lived. You can't negotiate desire, so if you see any of the above signs that your wife doesn't love you anymore, your best option is to prepare yourself for the divorce papers.

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What about the ladies? What are the signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore?

If you’re a woman, and you are worried that your wife might leave you, check out the 6 tell-tale signs your husband doesn’t love you anymore, to find out if your instinct were right.

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