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The Best Marriage Advice Quotes You’ve Never Heard Of

marriage advice quotes

If you are in a healthy and strong marriage, you might not think that you need marriage advice quotes to inspire you, but even in good marriages, some advice might be beneficial to you and your family. Exploring marriage advice quotes can be fun. At the same time, they will offer you some pearls of wisdom […]

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Marriage Compatibility: Why You Two Are Probably Not Compatible

Marriage is a significant phase of life that most people go through. Once you decide to marry a certain person, you are normally ready to live with your partner for the rest of your life. Many generations ago, marriage was about survival, overcoming poverty, securing family dynasties and not love and sexual intimacy. However, things […]

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Communication in Marriage: Grow Closer Together Not Further Apart

communication in marriage

 A marriage is a union of two people with the intent of sharing the rest of their lives together. This relationship should be filled with the intimacy, companionship, commitment, trust and of course love. Communication in marriage is a must-have to avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, many marriages fail and the lack of good communication skills is […]

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Premarital Counseling: Why You Should Try It Before You Say “Yes”

Premarital counseling, which is a special kind of therapy mostly provided by family and marriage therapists, is believed to offer a great advantage to all partners who are considering a long-term commitment, for example, marriage. Ordinarily, the aim of premarital therapy is to identify and address any possible areas of conflict in a relationship early […]

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Can Bad Sex Make Your Marriage Crumble?

Sexless relationship. Sexless marriage depression. Should I stay in a sexless marriage.

If we were to believe everything the books and glossies tell us, nothing could be more important in a marriage than sex and sexual compatibility. Many therapists, as well as how-to books and videos often reinforce this viewpoint. But is this really true? Is sex the foundation stone marriage is based on, given that so many […]

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Free Marriage Counseling: Can It Save You From Divorce?

Marriage can be quite difficult. It is no wonder that people believe that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This statistic, regardless of whether is real or not, doesn’t have to define your marriage or your life choices. So many people hear horror stories from many unhappily married couples and think that maybe marriage […]

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Funny Marriage Advice That Works: Keep Calm and Marry On

Depending on who you ask, marriage only works one way, ‘the wife’s way’. That is why you will see old men in movies giving funny marriage advice to young, newly married men telling them never to argue with the wife. As long as she is right, everything will be alright!  But then you get married and […]

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Common Marriage Problems After A Baby And How To Solve Them

Common marriage problems after babyThe period of pregnancy and that after childbirth and during childhood affect a marriage heavily in one way or another. Pregnancy and childbirth can bring a couple closer together by creating a stronger emotional bond between the two partners. A family nucleus is being created and built by a man and […]

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Save My Marriage Today Review and Discussion

Save my marriage today review

You’ve tried marriage counseling with your significant other and it went less than well. You’ve devoted several hours to reading self-help books, books on how to make your marriage work and even perused the internet on tips to bring you closer, but ultimately, you’re left feeling lost and alone. The Save My Marriage Today six […]

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