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25 Marriage Goals For A Better Relationship

Block With A Target For Marriage Goals

We set goals all the time. Fitness goals, financial goals, career goals. But have you ever sat down with your spouse and created marriage goals? If you’re looking for ways to make your marriage stronger, look no further! We will discuss 25 marriage goals that will help improve your relationship. Whether you are newly married […]

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Sexless Marriage: The Shocking Truth (And How To Fix it)

Sexless marriage quiz. Coping with a sexless marriage. Sexless marriage divorce rate. Sexless marriage advice for men. Living in a sexless marriage. Can a sexless marriage survive. Fix sexless marriage. Reasons for sexless marriage

“Personally, I know nothing about sex, because I’ve always been married” ~Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hungarian-American actress Discussed in this article:Coping with a sexless marriage. Sexless marriage divorce rate.Sexless marriage advice for men.Sexless marriage advice for womenLiving in a sexless marriage.Can a sexless marriage survive.How to fix a sexless marriage. Reasons for sexless marriageSexless marriage: a growing problemWhen I […]

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Lack Of Intimacy After a Baby? 5 Things You Need To Try Now

Lack of intimacy after children

Childbirth is one of the most amazing events to take place in a couple’s lives. The wondrous journey of conception and pregnancy that culminates in the birth of a child is magnificent, and most couples will say that it is the most meaningful experience of their lifetimes. There are many sacrifices to make along the way, […]

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Second Marriage Problems: How To Avoid Another Divorce

second marriage problems

Undeniably, whenever someone contemplates the idea of getting married a second time, the number one question that comes to mind is: will it work this time? And if you are someone who believes in statistics, surely you would think twice before getting married again. At a whopping 67%, divorce rates for second marriages are even higher […]

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