New Relationship? These Tips Will Help You Start Off On The Right Foot

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pexels-photo-38674Do you have or want to begin a new relationship but aren’t sure how to go about it? Maybe it has been years since your last one and you feel like a teenager on a first date with their crush. If you desire to begin a new relationship with someone you like, and want to keep them happy, here are some suggestions.

1. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to be yourself.
You can’t escape being the person you are so forget about acting like a different person. You have a lifetime of experience at being who you are and zero experience at being someone else. Fake put-ons will not last. Confidence is essential so you need to feel comfortable in your own skin. This applies to both sexes. Women are drawn to men who are at ease with themselves. Men are attracted to women that are in tune with their body and personality.

2. Avoid being possessive
When you are starting a new relationship with someone, you still need to give each other a bit of space. You should spend lots of time together but you should also spend time with your friends and family and have some time by yourself too. By following this advice, you’ll avoid scaring away your new partner, and your new relationship will have plenty of fresh air to breathe and will evolve naturally.

3. Don’t lie about yourself
Being a genuine person also means avoiding all exaggerations about yourself. This type of behaviour is a close cousin to behaving like someone else. Anyhow, if your new relationship lasts longer than a few weeks, the actual facts about you will surface. Any dishonesty on your part will make you appear as a fraud and can potentially shake the foundations of your new relationship.

4. Avoid trying too hard
If you’re pursuing someone, the worst thing you could possibly do is looking desperate for their time or attention. Remember that you can’t force a person to go out with you. You should know when to back off. Be patient and leave room for the other person to initiate contact with you.

If they enjoy spending time with you, they will, and if they don’t, you should let some time pass before contacting them again and ask them out. This is something to remember when you are in the first stage of a relationship, and you haven’t yet built a “history” with your new partner, and therefore pushing things too far too soon can come off as inappropriate and unattractive.

5. Don’t Forget to smile
Your smile or frown is one of the primary things that create your first impression. Smiling projects confidence and is a non-verbal message telling your new partner that you like what you see. The mix of a good smile with humor is very powerful. There are few things better at getting past barriers than laughter. Being playful and having an upbeat demeanour is very attractive.

6. Be attentive and show affection
Both men and women value frequent and small gestures of appreciation. Making an effort to remember what your partner’s talked about and bringing it up later makes them feel valued. Sometimes it can be nothing more than surprising them with an unexpected visit or an original, thoughtful text message to rekindle them after a hard day.

7. Do fun stuff
You need to keep the romance alive in a new relationship. You should try to have a date night every week to keep the romance factor high. Try taking a weekend getaway together every month or so. Take up a fun weekly hobby together. Fun activities are a great way to keep the relationship blossoming and boredom-free.

8. Never take the relationship for granted
This mistake will quickly create monotony and restlessness in the relationship. When you’ve reached this point, breaking up is just a matter of time. The two key things to remember are: don’t get sloppy with your physical appearance, and try to keep things fresh with a little romantic creativity.

9. Avoid guessing games
An important new relationship advice you should heed is that you should not just guess about your partner’s emotions. You should tell your partner that you want to have a good understanding of them, and that you want to support them fully. You should also tell them that they need to be open with you if they want you to understand them This is a great foundation for a new relationship, and will set the tone for the future.

10. Step out of the comfort zone
Sometimes, you may be feeling hesitant about pursuing a new partner in spite of your desire for them. This is mainly because you’re afraid to leave your comfort zone. [clickToTweet tweet=”Remember that most of the things that you possess meant going outside of your comfort zone.” quote=”Remember that most of the things that you possess meant going outside of your comfort zone.” theme=”style1″]

Things that include a successful career wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. So take a deep breath and just do it. In the worst case scenario, you will have learned a lesson. You got nothing to lose!

Where To Get New Relationship Advice


As your relationship progresses, the above tips might not be enough for you. If that is the case, there are some websites where you can get relationship advice online, but some sites are better than others. Some websites may be hosted by professional counsellors who can provide answers to common relationship problems. Or, you may find online forums where other people are willing to give you advice that may help you.

Regardless, you will need to keep in mind that most people on these sites who freely offer up relationship advice are just everyday common people who are not qualified to give love help to you, or anyone else. Some of these folks may have real life experience and do quite well in their relationships, but others may be young people who have never been in a serious relationship. You simply don’t know who you are dealing with. However, the advice you do obtain from these online love forums may give you some ideas on how to address your particular relationship problems.

When you are participating in these online love forums, most of the professional relationship counsellors earn a living, so some may try to recruit you as a new paying client. This is fine if you really need good, solid, professional new relationship advice on love, but do your homework and make sure that the person you are dealing with is a legitimate, licensed relationship counsellor. You can ask you friends or relatives for some recommendations. You may also want to look close to where you live so you can actually go in and talk with a counsellor in person. This is the best form of counselling as it will allow you to be able to talk with somebody face to face, and you can bring your partner with you to your sessions. Having your partner participate with you is really advantageous, as he or she will hear the advice you obtain directly from the counsellors, and not from you. Sometimes just passing along to your partner what a counsellor advises you is not as powerful as hearing it directly from the counsellors.

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