Marriage Retreat: Individual or Group Getaways to Save Your Marriage

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marriage retreatThe main excuse most people have for not taking a marriage retreat is that they simply don’t know how to plan one. But this type of retreat is important for the health of your marriage and a great way to reconnect with one another. Planning the right getaway can truly transform your marriage. Here are some of the top ways to plan a retreat and give your marriage the opportunity to grow and the attention it so desperately needs.

Choosing Your Marriage Retreat Adventure

The first step in the planning process is to choose the length of your getaway. Is it for an afternoon? One full day? A weekend alone? Or is it time for a romantic adventure somewhere new?

An afternoon alone together is the shortest option and it’s basically a long date. But if that’s all you have time for, it’s certainly a start. Motion will lead to momentum, so if this is what you can manage, get moving.

A single day together should begin in the morning, right after breakfast. Follow it with plans to stop at quiet locations where you can walk or talk, free from distraction. Quiet will be key so be sure to head away from the city.

An overnight retreat is even better. This will give you both more time to relax. Choose a quiet hotel, or a simple bed and breakfast. A private cabin or lodge are also good choices. Focus on the type of amenities available. A candlelight dinner or an invigorating massage can help to set the tone for a peaceful retreat.

A weekend getaway may be just what you need. You’ll have plenty of time together and you can focus on devoting time for serious talks that can make all the difference in your marriage, in addition to simply having fun.

Before you even begin to plan where your marriage retreat will take you, whether it’s a few miles away or if it’s in another state or country, you should first sketch out what you want to talk about beforehand. You should also let your spouse know what you plan to talk about. Being blindsided can definitely shut down your getaway and kill the mood.

Schedule time during your retreat for personal reflection in order to relax. Prayer or meditation are both great ways to clear your mind and open your heart.

Regardless of how relaxing, no retreat would be complete without some talk of finances and family. Here is where discussion regarding career concerns can also come into play.

Most importantly, don’t think that you have to have the perfect relationship or family to make your marriage work. Commit to the process of continuous improvement. This type of commitment alone will be a huge victory.

One of the most critical decisions on a marriage retreat can be making plans to take another one. Try to do so at least every six to twelve months. At the end of your retreat, you’ll come back relaxed with a little more clarity on where you’re headed as a couple. Your marriage will definitely be forever changed, but how it changes it ultimately up to you.

Marriage Retreat Therapy

Marriage counseling resourcesDo you constantly feel like your marriage is stuck in limbo? You’re definitely not alone. Do you feel as though your partner is slowly drifting away more and more every day? Do you find that you spend more time apart than you do together?

These are all signs that your marriage could definitely benefit from a retreat. A strong connection is essential for a successful marriage.

A marriage retreat provides you with the opportunity to spend time away from your regular life. Everyone needs time alone and time away from the day to day grind that’s work and family. Just like with your career and children, you need to spend time focused solely on the success of your marriage in order to see progress.

If you’re considering a marriage therapy retreat, you’ll want to determine whether you’re interested in a private or group setting. While group retreat settings often do their best to ensure that every couple has privacy, and you might not be required to share your story in public, some couples simply prefer a more private setting. Another big plus regarding a private therapy retreat is that the couple will have the full attention of the therapist for the duration of the retreat. These retreats are often two days in length. The duration of each day is usually devoted to meeting with a marriage counselor who will work directly on the major issues the couple is struggling with. This kind of attention simply isn’t possible in a group retreat. However, one advantage of a group retreat is that they tend to be less intense and it can also be helpful for couples to hear that other marriages are facing similar struggles. This will often help to normalize the situation.

How to Continue to Work on Your Marriage after your Marriage Retreat

Whatever setting you end up choosing, a follow-up will be crucial. Many couples will be filled with new hope for their relationship after a retreat, but following through is key. With our busy work schedules, it can be difficult to keep up the momentum on our own, despite our best intentions. But this is important in order to build on what you learned during the therapy retreat. These sessions will provide couples with some accountability because it’s all too easy to revert back to old habits. A follow-up will also allow a couple to remain on track with any new changes and to continue to make progress on a day to day basis in order to enjoy a lasting change.

Any married couple will benefit from setting aside time from their busy schedule to focus on their marriage. These retreats are also a great opportunity to revitalize an unhappy or stale marriage or to make a good marriage even better. Generally, couples who are in crisis will be more likely to choose this type of retreat. This often includes couples who are considering a divorce and trying to make one last effort to save the marriage. It can even be a great idea for couples who are engaged but not sure if marriage is the right choice for them, or for couples who find themselves stuck in a rut and unable to make progress in weekly couple’s therapy.

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