How To Seduce Your Wife Again (You Can Thank Me Later)

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How to seduce your wife. Wife doesn't want sexA man who’s both married and satisfied with his marital sex life is hard to find today, more than ever. Some of the married guys that I know have told me that they’ve simply given up on having a fulfilling sex life (or a sex life at all) with their wives.

The reason? Well, when I asked them what the problem was I noticed something significant: most if not all answers that these men gave began with “She”, and very, very few (if any) with “I”.

“She’s never in the mood”…”She’s always busy” …”She’s always tired”…”She comes up with excuses…”…”She…”

It seemed as though most men are playing the blaming game when it comes to this. And when things start to get ugly, and their wife wants to leave them, that’s when they take action, but usually the wrong kind of action. They start giving her all kind of attentions (that they never bothered giving before), calling her more often, buying her flowers or expensive gifts, acting kindly and nicely with the in-laws all of a sudden, and the list goes on…

But guess what, this doesn’t work, at least not in the long run…Why? Well, because you aren’t really solving the issue. You might get a temporary fix by giving her more attention, but you now (and she knows) that you can’t keep that up forever! That would be impossible, simply because this is not how seducing women actually works! And trust me, I’ve seen this happening several times with some of the married men that I know.

In fact, it nearly happened to me as well… I didn’t know any better at the time, and I thought that I could make my partner want me more just by giving her more attention, buying her flowers or gifts…

Unfortunately, society has played a massive role in deceiving men when it comes to this. This idea that you need to be nice and buy expensive stuff to make a woman fall for you is total BS! Society wants you to buy stuff so that economy keeps growing and the elites get richer and richer, not because it will help you seducing a woman… They don’t give a rat’s ass about your marital sex life, they just want your money!

Think for a moment: what does being super-nice all of a sudden or buying gifts sub-communicate? That you care about her and that you love her? But aren’t you supposed to love her all the time, anyway?

You shouldn’t need to “remind” her that you do whenever she loses interest in you. You should be able to keep her interest in you (both sexual and non-sexual) high at all times.

Women can read through our behavior very easily. She knows that when you are acting nicely it’s because you want something in return, or that you are exchanging a material gift for her sexual complacence.

You haven’t really seduced her, you haven’t made her fall in love with you again… What you are telling her basically is: I don’t want to (I don’t know how to) change the way I make you feel, so I hope that this gifts will…

The bottom line is, you’re going to have to dig deeper into this to seduce your wife truly and to making her craving intimacy with you and to build a sexual connection that will last…

I mean, look at the couples that are in rock-solid, sexually active marriages. Do you think that these guys buy their wife stuff or change the way they treat them every time they have a problem? Of course not, because they don’t need to. They have built an unconditional sexual connection in their marriage. They have developed an intimacy haven with their wife and they know exactly what to do and what not to do to turn her on…


Below you”ll find a step-by-step guide that I’ve put together to help you getting started in the process of seducing your wife. It will walk you through the things you will have to change about your approach with her in order to make her want you more sexually (and non).

Step-by Step guide: How to seduce your wife (again)

Yes, again. Because remember, you’ve already seduced this woman…


You’ve already done it when you were first dating… So this should be a cinch, as this woman is now your wife! You should know her better, you should know how to turn her on, you should know her weak spots, her do’s and don’ts…

But I get it, sometimes life takes over and people change, what was attractive o exciting for her before might feel different now. That’s why the first step is…

…Forget about the way it used to be (step 1)

Remember when you two were first dating? All the effort that you put to impress her, to make her fall in love with your personality and your charisma? Well, forget about that! Your wife knows you very well, and she’s not going to fall for the same things now… She’s not the same person she used to be when you met her. You will have to come up with new ways to make her feel “in the mood”. But…

…Make sure you actually want to (step 2)

You won’t even imagine how many of these guys I spoke to didn’t actually want to get their marital sex life back. I’ve heard some of these men saying : ” I just don’t find my wife attractive anymore…” So, if that’s you, only two things are possible:

  1. If you are just using that as an excuse to not take action, than perhaps your marital sex life is not that important to you..
  2. If you are serious about your marriage and you really want to seduce your wife again, you CAN find new ways to attraction >> check out my FREE guide “5 Easy Steps To Healing A Sexless Marriage” for advice on this.

Just wanting to do something about this makes a big difference. So, if we are on the same page, it’s time to…

…Take control (step 3)

Start taking responsibilities for your actions and, most importantly, for your non-actions….For example “She’s never in the mood” becomes “I’m not putting her in the right mood”. Bear in mind, I’m not saying that this is always the case, or that she cannot be genuinely in a bad mood despite your efforts.  I’m only saying that the problem won’t be solved if you just “wait for her to get in the mood”… That’s what you’ve been doing (or shall I say, not doing) so far, and things haven’t just “fixed themselves” have they?

So where do you start? Simple…

…Start with a hug (step 4)

Did you know that hugging a woman for at least 30 seconds a day makes her body release an hormone called oxytocin which will make her feel loved and “in the mood” for love? Well, now you know… Just hug your wife every day for at least 30 seconds, and see what happens. Don’t do anything else, and do not escalate to sex just yet…  Just give her a good, long hug every day, without a reason. Be completely unattached to any outcome. After a week or two you’ll start to see a marked difference in the way she feels around you. She will start feeling like you genuinely care about her and that you’re not just trying to get her to bed. This is the starting point to build that unconditional sexual connection that couples in happy marriages have.

So, what next? It’s time to up your game…

…Become a giver (step 5)

And don’t mean this in a strictly material way. You now know that this doesn’t work. Becoming a giver means giving without expecting anything in return. Giving out of giving. This applies in ALL areas of your marriage, and the more you do it, the more effective it will be: from helping around the house, to small gestures of care, affection and, of course, sex…

When having sex with her, dedicate more time to her pleasure. I’m never going to say this enough. Most men just care about their own pleasure, and this is one of the NUMBER 1 reasons why women lose interest in sex. Giving her pleasure has to become your pleasure. Not because you will get pleasure in return.

Spend a LONG time doing foreplay. Women need a lot more time than men to get “sexed-up”, I’m sure you’ve heard that many times before… but if not, now it’s time to put this into practice! The more you spend warming your wife up, the more pleasure she will feel during sex with you. And remember, HER pleasure is the priority…

Use your hands and mouth to please her in her hot spots, both during foreplay and during sex. I’m sure you already know that her lips, breasts, nipples, clitoris and vagina are very sensitive areas. But did you know that there are many more pleasure spots that you should be doing something with? Take a look at the picture below:

how to seduce your wife

By working these areas of her body during foreplay and during sex you will literally get her addicted to being intimate with you, as she will be constantly thinking about all the pleasure she’ll be getting from you. She may even start to initiate sex more and be willing to reciprocate by giving you more pleasure in return. But remember that your pleasure is NOT the ultimate outcome. It’s more the natural consequence of you being able to GIVE pleasure in the first place. This is the mindset that will get you far when seducing your wife, and women more generally. Another important point is….

…Let her guide you (step 6)

If you want your wife to truly enjoy the intimacy with you, she needs to feel she can be 100% comfortable expressing her own sexuality, without fearing rejection or judgment from your side. You can achieve this by encouraging her moves and by letting her take charge during sex. So don’t be selfish and let her guide the rhythm. She knows best what she needs to be fulfilled, she knows how long it takes her, which way works and which doesn’t. Let her guide you through her own ways to pleasure. Be patient and open-minded in this process, and make her feel like you accept her body and her sexuality fully. You will be surprised at what you can achieve just by making her feel she can safely express herself when she is intimate with you.

I hope that this simple guide will get you going in the process of seducing your wife again.

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