How To Make Your Husband Happy Again

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Are you feeling like your husband has been a little distant lately? Are you not sure how to make him happy again? If so, this is for you.

We will outline some tips on how to get your husband smiling and happy once again. So, if you’re ready to start making your marriage stronger than ever before, keep reading!

You Can Make Your Husband Happy Again In Your Marriage

How To Make Husband Happy

Often times, the spark in a relationship will fade over time. This happens for several reasons. For instance, you move in together and suddenly there’s no mystery!

It is important to remember that with a little work and effort you can stop this from happening. There are a few key points which we will look at below which can help to put the fun back into your marriage.

15 Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

  1. Show Him Affection

Many people start to take their partner for granted after a while. This can be especially true if you are married and have children. It is important to remember that you are with your husband because you have feelings for him.

Showing these feelings can be as simple as a surprise kiss or hug when you get the chance. Even if he seems disinterested, just keep showing the effort and he will notice.

  1. Remind Him Why He Fell In Love With You In The First Place

When you first got together, what was it that drew your husband to you in the first place? If you can remind him of these things, he will be more likely to feel happy in the relationship.

You can do this by spending time together alone or recreating some of your favorite early memories. It is also worth remembering that it’s not just about him either – you need to remind yourself of how awesome you are.

  1. Forgiveness Is A Must

If your husband is feeling unhappy, he might take out his frustrations on you. If this happens it can be very easy to get angry and lash out. This is not a good idea because it will only cause more problems in the long run.

We recommend offering forgiveness and seeing things from his perspective. This doesn’t mean allowing him to treat you badly but putting forth an extra effort to show some extra grace when he seems frustrated.

  1. Show Interest In His Hobbies

It is very easy for a couple to grow apart when they don’t spend much time together. We recommend taking an interest in the things your husband enjoys. You never know, you might enjoy them!  If you don’t like the things he likes there is no reason why you can’t learn to.

This doesn’t mean never allowing him his own personal time with his hobbies but just letting him know you are interested can mean a lot to him. It is worth remembering that the little things matter more in a relationship than people often think.

  1. Allow Him To Lead

When you first met your husband, he might have taken the lead in things. It is important to remember that he needs this, and it will make him feel loved and respected if you allow him to lead.  Men are meant to lead and allowing him to do so can positively impact his attitude.

Take things slowly at first, before gradually allowing your man control over more and more situations.  If they are hesitant, it is usually because they are worried about constantly making you happy.  Reassure your man that you are happy with whatever decision is made and you support them.

  1. Be On His Team

If your husband is having difficulties at work or in a disagreement with someone, let him know you are on his side.  That you will back him up and support him.  If your husband is feeling a little disconnected from you, he will appreciate this more than ever before.

  1. Avoid Being Negative

Nobody likes a downer, no matter who they are. When you first met your husband, he probably had a vibrant spirit about him. With all the stressors in life, it can be easy to feel beaten down.  +

Try your best to always be positive around him.  If you can tell he is feeling negative, point out something positive to try and cheer him up.  It’s hard to stay feeling down with you are with someone who is smiling and happy.  Focus on the good things and talk positively.

  1. Allow Him Time To Decompress

When your husband gets home from a long day at work he will probably be pretty worn out. Allow him time to relax before you demand his attention. The more effort you put into this, the happier he will be with your relationship.

  1. Spend More Time Together

It is very easy for married partners to spend less and less time together. This is especially true when couples have children. We recommend setting aside one day a week for just the two of you. This day should be free from distractions and allow plenty of time to enjoy each other’s company.

This can look different for everyone, focus on what makes the two of you happy.  If it is going to a nice restaurant then do that.  If it is sitting at home with a glass of wine watching a movie then that is what is perfect for you.

  1. Surprise Him With Random Love Notes

Remember that time when you first started dating? You were probably the most romantic person in the world. Over time, this has likely disappeared. Reintroduce romance by leaving your husband love notes.

Experiment with different places for him to find them.  In his car, at the breakfast table, in his favorite book.  Make it a fun surprise for him.  You could even do this daily!

  1. Cook His Favorite Meal

Try cooking your husband’s favorite meal sometime soon. This will remind him of how much you care about him, and it shows that you are making the effort to make him happy.

  1. Show Him You Trust Him

If you are constantly questioning your husband or upset with him spending time with his friends, it can be very easy for him to feel like you don’t trust him.

This can easily turn into resentment for him because he feels he is doing nothing wrong but is constantly being questioned about it. It is important to show that you trust him and that you can be a trusted partner in his life.

  1. Dress Up Nice For Him

It is very easy for husbands to lose interest in their wives when they feel like they don’t care about impressing them.  Men want to feel that they still are desirable to their spouse.

Get dressed up nice every once in a while to show him that you still want to impress him. Not to mention to remind him how beautiful you are and how lucky he is! Your husband will appreciate this – even if he doesn’t say it!

  1. Show Him Appreciation

Sometimes the smallest gestures mean more than you might think. We recommend telling your husband he looks nice or that his dinner was delicious (if you’re lucky enough to have a man who cooks).

It is easy for these things to be taken for granted, so it is important that you show your husband appreciation when he does something nice.

  1. Encourage Him

It is important that your husband knows you support him. We recommend encouraging him in his work and hobbies, no matter how small the task might seem. This shows that you have faith in him and what he is doing.

The Man You Married is Still In there Somewhere

Even if things are not going well in your relationship, you should hold onto the idea that the man you fell in love with is still in there. You may have a lot of catching up to do before you find that man again, but it will be worth it.

Remind him of what drew the two of you together in the first place. Remind him that you still love and cherish him. But also, remind him that you are the incredible person that he chose to spend his life with.

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