6 Major Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

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how to know when your marriage is overDespite all your desires and aspirations in the beginning, the best-laid plans at times go to waste. No matter how good your intentions are, it might seem impossible to continue the marriage. In this modern world, the concept of “till death do us part” no longer applies, as most of us question it when faced with overwhelming challenges that seem unfix-able. Wondering where your marriage is heading given all the problems you are facing. Problems not dealt with will build up resentment, hurt feelings and emotional detachment from each other. If you love your husband and have a commitment to your marriage vows, do not overlook some of these signs as getting back your union on track could take a lot of effort.

How To Know When Your Marriage Is Over: Look Out For These 6 Signs

1. You no longer share your stories, thoughts, and feelings 
The best part of being in a marriage is that you have someone you can lean on, but if you lose that, everything else is gone. Whenever you have a big story to tell, your husband is always the first one to know, but if he is no longer the first one to know then your marriage is in grave danger. The essential aspect that strengthens and deepens wedlock is being able to share and be vulnerable to each other. If it reaches a point where you consider things private and confidential, then you are not doing your marriage any favor, though the fear sometimes could be retaliation towards abuse or threat. Before you take any step, assess the leading cause of such behavior. The essential aspect that strengthens and deepens wedlock is being able to share and be vulnerable to each other.

2. Fantasizing about leaving him energizes you 
This reason alone is not sufficient for you to give up on your marriage. However, if fantasizing and daydreaming about life minus your mate, and you feel good, lighter, thrilled, and more enthusiastic about it, that is a caution that your marriage is in dire condition. Although these kind of thoughts are common – and usually do not pose a serious threat to a solid marriage – if is something you often do and without remorse, you should get help from a marital therapist. You should also talk with your husband about whatever reasons that are causing you to want a single life. Again, give him a heads up as it might not be a pleasant conversation. Every marriage deserves a second chance especially if you have kids. You may get it through counseling.

3. Sexual intimacy is gone 
One of the biggest indications that your marriage is coming to an end is when you stop having sex with your husband. In failing relationships, sexual intimacy is moderate.

Sex is an emotional expression of love with that one person you love and if it stops then something is wrong.

In this case scenario, it’s either one desires sex or the other doesn’t or both of you don’t. A marriage without sexual intimacy and affection usually ends up in divorce if not becoming a marriage of convenience. Nothing is more hurtful for a relationship or to your husband’s self-esteem than being rejected sexually. It comes with a feeling of inadequacy as you imagine what could be wrong with you. The best thing you can do to collapse your marriage is paying no attention to the intimacy: you will watch it ravage. However, intimacy is not reliant on quality sex alone; it is more than being good in bed, it is holding hands on a walk, cuddling in the morning, hugging and touching a lot and feeling emotion for each other.

4. Poor communications 
If you and your husband are no longer proficient in communicating with each other productively and meaningfully, it is time you take a higher road. Effective communication between a husband and a wife is of utmost importance to the well-being of a prosperous matrimonial relationship. Deteriorating marriages communicate less and less and eventually stop talking. You may start to notice fewer and fewer relevant exchanges or even worse, you stop talking with each other about your conjoint problems. Candidly, failing relationships mislay the capacity and the inclination to resolve their marital problems utterly because they don’t care anymore. If communication between a couple shuts down, then there is little hope for the marriage as communication is key to resolving every issue. When communication fluctuates, marriage is in great distress.

5. Looking elsewhere for love and not being remorseful about it 
Although “physical” cheating can happen when one or both partners are not devoted to the marriage anymore, cheating can take on different shapes, such as emotional cheating or flirting. Whatever way it is, one usually takes the sexual energy out of their marriage. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to be with a person as one can entirely dedicate themselves to other things such as work or hobbies.

6. Increasing disrespect for each other, arguments and fights 
In failing marriages, fortitude and love get replaced by bitterness and hatred. Moreover, you will feel happier away from your other half than when you are together. Having fun also becomes a past thing. Since you have nothing amusing to say to or about each other you end up teasing each other. On the other hand, you will have same arguments over and over again over the same issues. You then end up fighting constantly. Arguing is allowed, though it should not become personal. Fights should also be fair.

How To Know When Your Marriage Is Over: Conclusion

Creating and maintaining a prosperous marriage is not an easy thing to do. Your visit to my blog is an indication that you are highly concerned about your matrimony and would like it to work. It is important to identify the indicative signs of a dwindling marriage by paying close attention. When you observe some or all of the above signs, you can take action and save your marriage on time. Being in a healthy, stable, happy and contented marriage is one of the greatest accomplishments in life that every couple looks forward to initiating and maintaining. Just know that it is not too late to save your marriage. However, if the partners harbor deep, enduring anger that communication and even therapy can’t seem to solve, it could be time to let go.

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