How To Get Your Girl Back: This Blueprint Will Save You From A Break-Up

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How to get your girl backWould you know how to get your girl back if she wanted to break up with you? Would you know how to spot the warning signs that she wants to leave you before that actually happens? Would you know exactly what to do and what not to do to save the situation?

If the answer to these questions is no, don’t panic.

I’m glad you found me here on Relationship Scope. I’m here to help you. But you need to start taking action. What you’re about the read here is the most effective guide on how to get your girl back before she breaks up with you.

Here’s a little story about a guy I used to know when I lived in Italy. He was dating this beautiful girl for a while. Everything seemed fine between him and this girl. Until one day, all of a sudden, he senses that something’s not quite right. He told me: “I’m getting a strange feeling whenever I’m around her”. Initially he didn’t pay too much attention to this, until he gets this feeling again. And again.

She was acting differently, she was colder with him and more distant. He felt it in her texts, when they spoke on the phone, and when they were physically together.

“What’s happening? “I remember his puzzled and worried face as if it was yesterday. “It was all fine before, what made her change so much in so little time? Was it something I said or I did?” When he asked her this kind of questions he usually got a cryptic answer such as “Nothing.” or “I’m fine.”

Does this story sound familiar? Are you in a similar situation? If you feel that your girl is acting weird lately, and you don’t want her to break up with you, you need to do something about it right now.

Guess what, after a few days, that girl sent my Italian friend a break-up text. He felt powerless and destroyed. He didn’t act on time.

But he could have.

So stop asking her what is wrong with her, because you won’t get a real answer at least for now. Be smart instead, and follow the advice of someone who’s been through this countless times, and can teach you how to get your girl back.

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First, let me just explain what is really happening here. Women are complex beings (men are no different, actually), but based on many experiments and life experiences, I can list the three most likely reasons for this change of tune.

1. She’s feeling a little bit down for something totally unrelated to you (family, work, etc.). Surprisingly, this is quite likely to be the reason, and she might not want to share her problems with you (maybe you’re not close enough yet or she just wants to solve this on her own).

2. She’s just in a bad mood for no reason. This is another likely reason. Girls are moody creatures. Their mood can change from happy to sad (and keep going back and forth) in no time several times a day.

3. It’s to do with you. I know you didn’t want to hear this, but this can also be a realistic possibility, oftentimes combined with other reasons such as those listed above.

Honestly, it might just be that your relationship with her has become boring, or that you have been absent lately, or that she has met someone else and that she has decided that she will break up with you soon…

But hang in there! I have some good news for you:

The truth is: no matter which of the above is the reason why your girl is acting differently with you, if you follow these steps you will get her back, and you’ll be even able to dodge a possible break up. Guaranteed.

You’re about to find out the Holy Grail of all relationship tips. Something that actually works. Every. Single. Time.

It works because it has been tested countless times, in so many different situations and with many different girls. And the result is always the same. Even if she has already told you she is thinking about breaking up with you or that “she needs a break”, if you follow these steps she will immediately regret the decision.

Let’s get started.

How To Get Your Girl Back: Complete Blueprint

As a premise, it is important to remember that if she has cooled down the contacts with you, you should do that also. Leave her some space, maybe 3-4 days, and then ask her on a date. Tell her you want to take her somewhere cool. If she says no, just cut all contacts completely. After a couple of weeks, contact her again with a very generic message telling her that you were supposed to meet some friends to go to some cool place, but that they are busy and ask her to join you to “catch up”. If you still get a negative response, I suggest you let her go for now (see this article to learn how to get over your ex). You can always come back to how to get your girl back later on, when you feel she’s ready to be approached again.

If she accepts, let the games begin!

First, you will need a bit of a makeover…

Get some new clothes or wear something that she has never seen on you before. This will make you appear to her eyes as a new, cool, version of you, and will set the mood for the date as if she was with a new guy. Obviously you won’t have to buy new clothes every time you see her from now on, but try to do this once in a while, as this contributes to refresh the interaction through sub-communicating that you are capable of “being cool” without her.

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This is how you proceed on the day you meet her:

1. Do not ask any questions whatsoever about how she feels about anything, especially about the situation with you

Don’t even ask her “how are you?” when you see her. Seriously, that’s a question that she will perceive as boring, irrelevant, and obvious. Just don’t ask questions at all and you’ll be surprised by the results. She may be asking you questions or you might just end up having a cool, unpretentious conversation. Keep the vibes funny and relaxed.

2. Do not talk about how you feel with respect to her or the situation

Avoid the topic  altogether and act like nothing has changed between you two. You can express other feelings within your life outside of her, though, such as for example something that has happened with your family or friends.

3. Act and lead

This is fundamental, I cannot stress this enough! Women are naturally attracted to men than can lead. It’s a biological fact. So when you see her next time, don’t ask her where she wants to go or what she wants to do. Just take her somewhere and tell her you’re taking her to a nice place. Plan a nice date beforehand, but don’t make it look like it has been planned too much. Act spontaneously and confidently.

4. Do not react to provocations from her side and just keep it funny

Sometimes women like to test our insecurities with “sh*t tests”. They do this to test our suitability as partners and is something that originates from their inborn psychology. The way to pass the tests is by not reacting at all or by acting as the provocation didn’t really matter or was just a funny joke. Just laugh it off and bring on another conversation topic.

5. If she throws in negative emotions by telling you about her problems, don’t react verbally

Whatever you say won’t help, even if you offer a logical solution. It will only be words, and women react to emotions, not to logic. Just maybe hold her hand, look her in the eye silently, and most of all do not retaliate by talking about your problems etc. The best way to deal with this is actually changing topic straight away. Don’t give her time to ramble on about her troubles.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”Zg7pf” via=”yes” nofollow=”yes”]Women react to emotions, not to logic.[/ctt]

6. Focus on positive emotions

Fun, good feelings, good times, adventures, enjoying life, etc. Create a comfortable and relaxed climate during the but keep it under control. If you go over the top, it might come off as fake, and she would spot it immediately.

7. Do not react to attempts to provoke jealousy or ask for attention

Surprisingly, a lot of guys fall for this. If she talks about all the attention she has received in the past few days, that means only one thing. She’s trying to make you jealous. Don’t fall for this by reacting and talking about all the attention you have received or by making up stories, or else you may put her off completely. Just smile and change topic, but make it seem seamless. If you are nonreactive to this, it’s your reality that wins, not hers.

8. Do not talk about the future

If you had plans together e.g. to go on holiday, do not bring that about. Do not even ask her when she’s next free to meet you. Relieve her of all the pressure and just enjoy the present moment. This will spark her interest in you as she might be wondering if you have forgotten about all that you had planned together.

9. Watch your body language very carefully

Make it count when you touch her, kiss her, etc. Do it only when you feel it’s the right moment and don’t be all over her. Be secure, confident and always speak calmly with deep, warm voice.

10. Leverage

This may sound cheesy, but is also extremely powerful if done right. Buy her flowers or a small, simple present, but make it like a surprise. Girls love unexpected gifts. Remember though: only give to her once your date is finished. If you give her the gift as soon as you meet her this whole strategy will be useless, as she hasn’t yet had the chance to experience the “new you”. She will associate that gift to the old you, the guy she wanted to break up with few days earlier, and it will come off as a pathetic attempt to win her back. Give her the gift only at the end of the date, but make it look funny and spontaneous. Tell her that you got it when you got your new clothes without thinking about it too much.

I have to warn you, though. This is not a one-off thing. What I mean is that once you have internalized the information shared here you will have to incorporate certain aspects of it in your day-to-day interaction with your girl. You can’t just pull this off once and expect long-lasting results.

Another thing that you have to remember is that you will have to think about how to apply this guide to your specific situation. Most steps can be translated into any sort of situation, but some others have to be adjusted accordingly, so use some common sense!

For example, if the break-up has already happened the blueprint presented here can also work well, however buying her a gift as leverage might not be a good idea. This should be replaced with a different kind of leverage such as buying something for both of you (two tickets for a concert or a special event that both of you will like would do just fine).

One last thing: when you try to do all this for the first time, you will make mistakes. Actually, even when you’ve done this multiple times, you will still make some mistakes along the way. It’s inevitable. So don’t worry too much about getting everything right, as nobody’s perfect and, ultimately, what really matters is the vibe that you are sending out to your girl.

The effects of this change of tone on your relationship will be amazing. No matter why your girl was acting weird with you, this stuff will turn things around! She will wonder where the old you has gone, and if this new, fun, cool, confident guy is still interested in dating her. Guaranteed.

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