How To Be Romantic With Your Wife in 10 Unexpected Ways

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How to be romantic with your wife It is easy to be distracted by the responsibilities of day to day life and forget the little things that make your wife happy. Romance in a marriage is a cultivation that needs watering from time to time. Even with the tight schedules, you can find simple romantic gestures that will make your wife feel special. Here are a few things that you can do to keep the flame burning in your marriage.

How to be More Romantic With your Wife

1. Treat her to dinner (cook for her, I mean)

Planned dinner dates are great but save those ones for your date nights. Text or call her to let her know that you will be preparing dinner in the evening for her and the kids. You may want to grab dessert at the restaurant if need be. But cooking dinner will make your wife feel her efforts are appreciated. After dinner and putting the kids to sleep, the two of you can now enjoy a glass of wine as you talk about your day.

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2. Leave a note

When you are having early mornings, be creative and leave notes behind telling her how you feel about her or how you enjoyed the night. You could stick the notes on her dressing table, car dashboard or bathroom mirror. If she was starting her day on a low note, your messages will warm her heart. Let your wife know how much you adore her in the notes and when she reads them during the day, she will always know that she has a husband who loves her and her family.

3. Massage her back

Your wife’s schedule may sometimes be a little bit tight and still, she manages to juggle all the work and still take care of the family. Observe on how she makes sure everyone in the family is well fed and carries out every chore in the house. Tell her that you have noticed all the efforts that she is making to make ends meet and offer to massage her back. Though you may not be perfect in massaging as a masseuse, she will appreciate the thought.

4. Help her with the house chores

Just because she’s your wife it doesn’t mean she is your servant. Helping your wife with house chores is a simple romantic gesture that can go a long way in keeping your marriage healthy and alive. You will relieve her from excess workload, and she will feel more relaxed and in better mood. This will have a positive effect on your own feelings too. She will know that you care about her and about her well-being, which is something that women find very attractive in a man.

5. Text her during the day

For no reason, text your wife just to let her know that you miss her and can’t wait to see her in the evening or over lunch. Ask her how her day is coming along and if she needs anything to make it better. Texts such as “Can’t wait to see you over lunch”, “you looked amazing in that dress” or “Thinking about you” are simple reminders that she is the best thing that ever happened in your life. You can also decide to be totally random and start chatting about the first day you met or your first date with her. Such texts will make her smile and look forward to meeting you later.

6. Gift her (with simple things)

Buy her a present. Place it somewhere such as under the pillow or on the window. Text her something like “You are the best wife and mother to my kids; I have left something under your pillow”. You do not have to break a bank to please your wife, a simple gift such as a new diary, a pair of shoes, or a gift card will do the trick. Some DIY cards of picture frame may pass as gifts too.

7. Show her your inner side

Before she leaves the house, grab her hands and look her in the eyes. It doesn’t matter what you say, just look her in the eye and smile at her. Show her how grateful you feel that she is your wife and how much her love means to you. Simple gestures like this will set the tone for the day and make your marriage special and precious.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Intimacy with your partner is a spiritual matter.” quote=”Intimacy with your partner is a spiritual matter.”]

8. Listen to her

Men are problem fixers and always want to find a solution to a problem and move on. Ladies, on the other hand, want to talk about the problem, the cause and how to avoid it again.

She wants you to listen to her. When she shares with you her troubles, offer a listening ear and a shoulder to lean on. Look into her eyes as she speaks. Instead of offering immediate solutions, let her pour her heart out to you until she is ready for you to talk.

A tender touch on her back will make her feel comfortable too.

9. Exit your comfort zone

If you know your wife well enough, you will know her interests and passions. She may have tried to drag you to join her in what she loves doing but you always lag behind. It’s time you stretch yourself for her without losing yourself. And don’t go out of your way when you have wronged her, she may feel you are trying to compensate or buy her forgiveness.

If she wakes up at 5 am for a morning jog, surprise her by joining her. Even though it may not be your daily routine, she will appreciate your company during the morning workout. With time you will find yourself enjoying her interests. [clickToTweet tweet=”Exiting your comfort zone is a unique way of expressing romantic acts to your wife.” quote=”Exiting your comfort zone is a unique way of expressing romantic acts to your wife.” theme=”style1″]

10. Remember special dates

It is a common thing to hear wives complaining about how their husbands forgot their wedding anniversaries or birthdays. You may have been in that situation and you know how your wife got disappointed. Surprise her from now on. Keep a reminder of all important day, a week prior. Make arrangements for a surprise birthday party with friends and family or just the two of you for a candlelit dinner for your wedding anniversary.
When you start making the effort to make the special days’ worthwhile, in the midst of your schedules, your wife will feel that you value your marriage. Remembering and making celebrations for her occasions is romantic and will make your relationship stronger.

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Marriage life can be hectic for some couples but you can make yours be admired by other people. Be mindful of what she loves, cares about and desires. Don’t lose yourselves in bringing up the kids and forget about what your share. Keep the romance factor high and your home will always be a happy place.

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