The 9 Things You Can Do Today To Be A Better Husband

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how to be a better husbandAre you waiting for your wife to change before you figure out how to be a better husband? Have you been struggling with not being thought of as “The Man” if you start to give in and work at being a better husband? Well, I can assure you that it’s not a threat to your manhood to be the best husband you can be and have a thriving marriage.

I know it’s a little tough trying to become a better husband when you may not see your wife doing all that she can to make you happy. However, you have a couple of options here.

  • Don’t try to figure out how to become a better husband and let your relationship erode over time and end up frustrated and perhaps separated or divorced. At the very least you could remain married but be miserable for the rest of your life.
  • Figure out how to be a better husband and enjoy all of the benefits of being in a loving, caring and fulfilling marriage.

You see, I believe your marriage will either get worse or get better over time but will not stay the same. If nothing ever changes in your marriage, e.g., growth, you will both begin to feel like you are in a rut and then you start to have doubts and questions about your marriage and future.

How To Be A Better Husband: 9 Things You Can Do Today

1. Decide to love your wife unconditionally, regardless of what she does or doesn’t do

The best action you can take is to do things and make decisions with your wife’s best interest in mind. This requires you to be patient, forgiving and mindful of the big picture.

2. Apologize to your wife

Make plans to have some quality alone time with your wife and explain to her that you don’t believe you have loved her unconditionally and that often you treat her as you feel like you are being treated. Let her know that you want to be a better husband and that you’d like a fresh start at loving her the way she deserves to be loved.

3. Ask for her suggestions

That’s right, one of the best ways to figure out how to be a better husband is to ask your wife if there are any specific things you could do to improve your marriage. Write them down and memorize the list. It’s a good idea to make changes in your relationship that your wife will appreciate so asking her to help you figure out how to become a better husband makes sense. You don’t want to make changes and do things that hurt your relationship.

4. Do what you need to do

It’s very easy to fall back into your old ways and feel as though it’s not helping your marriage because you are doing all of the changing. You may feel as though you are getting nothing in return from your wife. Don’t give in to the negative thoughts. You must stay focused and do what you need to do. Remember, you are committed to becoming a better husband because you love her unconditionally. Trying to be a better husband can and will be very frustrating at times, but please realize that the end reward is worth the effort.

5. Get feedback from your wife

You may notice after some time that something is happening in your marriage. You seem to be getting closer together and more on the same page. As you are becoming a better husband, your wife should be appreciating you more and making some changes in how she treats you. Ask her how you are doing in becoming a better husband and make adjustments if you need to.

6. Man of the house

A nurturing partner makes a better husband and a better father. Household chores should not be limited to the wife only. Learn to do the laundry, press clothes, mop, wax and scrub the floor so that fair share of work is completed. Also, grabbing the basket and heading off to the market and the grocery store is a non-conventional activity for a guy, but if you want to improve to become a better partner, do it! This will earn a double thumbs-up from your wife.

The truth is, doing a simple task like cooking means a lot to your wife. Roles like these are very commendable; it pleases your partner to see you in those aprons, the more she will show her appreciation and respect. Training to be the perfect man of the house doesn’t rob you of your manhood.

7. Consistent fidelity and commitment

Never cheat on your wife. You have no right to look for other women. If you want to build trust and respect in your relationship stay faithful and loyal to her. Staying committed and keeping the passion with her is a perfect progress in a relationship. Growing old together with your wife is a wonderful experience you do not want to miss. Most of the time honesty will bring you closer.

8. True love and appreciation

If you want your sacrifices reciprocated, never brag about the things you have sacrificed for your wife. True love is about spending quality time, listening and understanding without complaining. Do this thing to your partner, and she will gladly reciprocate.

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9. Always compliment her

Never miss to tell her how beautiful and wonderful she is as a wife. Most partners wanted to be reassured; doing this will make her more confident in your relationship. Your partner wants to be secure that you are not in any way taking her for granted.

Other tips to becoming a better husband include:

  • Learn to forgive her if she wrongs you and don’t keep a list of her wrong doings and keep reminding her of them.
  • Be willing to compromise certain things that you like for the sake of your relationship.
  • Take some time alone to reflect and think about the relationship. Let her also have some time alone and unwind the relationship.
  • Increase physical contact with your wife. For example, kiss her goodbye while leaving the house, hug her and cozy up.
  • Spend some time laughing together. You can take her out to a comedy show or just spend some happy moments together.
  • You can also surprise her at times by buying her flowers, buying her some of the gifts that she loves.

If you take the initiative and figure out how to be a better husband, your marriage and relationship can quickly change for the better. It can happen overnight, or it can take a little time. If your wife has a working brain and heart I don’t see how she can resist doing her part to make your marriage better. Doing the above-mentioned things will help you become a better husband and build your relationship.

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