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Why Do Rebound Relationships Feel Like Love

Rebound Relationship Feel Like Love

We all know that one person who just can’t stay single for long. Within weeks of a break-up, they’re already onto their next relationship. And somehow, this new relationship always feels like the greatest love of their life. So what’s going on here? Why does a rebound relationship feel so good? There’s no simple answer […]

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The 6 Fatal Mistakes Women Make That Push Men Away

how to keep a man

You’ve finally met a man that ticks all your boxes, and and everything has been going great between the two of you. Or so you thought. But then, quick as lightning, he was out the door. The thing about relationship is that, more often than not, women and men have unique and discordant perspectives.From first […]

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6 Proven Ways To Keep A Man Interested

You have been stalking this guy and he finally asks you out or you have even hooked up a few times. He is not only handsome but has everything else going on from his physique to his sense of humor. He is your definition of a keeper. However, this is not your first rodeo and […]

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If Women Actually Did These 10 Things Men Would Never Cheat

Why do men cheat. Why men cheat. Relationship advice for women

When most men cheat on their women, it is usually not because they don’t love them anymore. Why do men cheat then? Usually it is for many reasons that may not necessarily involve their sexual feelings towards their women. Some men may cheat simply because they feel smothered in the relationship. Others may cheat because […]

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