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5 Easy Tips To Get Your Husband To Respect You

how to get your husband to respect you

When a married woman that loves her husband complains about him, in a way or another, it almost always boils down to: “I wish my husband would respect me more”. Whether it has to do with their behavior around the house or outside, in front of friends/ relatives or just one-to-one, men can be real “d*ks” […]

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5 Painful Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce

signs your husband wants a divorce

Every couple has arguments and days when they feel like they never want to see each other again. That’s normal for healthy couples who just need to blow off some steam. By the next day, they’ll be over their disagreement and going on with their happy marriage. Other times, however, these arguments can be indicative […]

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5 Ways To Get Your Husband To Have Sex With You

husband doesnt want sex

It is a feeling of loneliness and rejection. He doesn’t look at you with desire, and it feels like years since he touched you. There is no fire in his eyes, and your marriage remains tasteless and hopeless. Jodie (not her real name) knows the feeling well. She’s been there and struggled through it. I […]

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6 Major Signs That Your Marriage Is Over

how to know that your marriage is over

Despite all your desires and aspirations in the beginning, the best-laid plans at times go to waste. No matter how good your intentions are, it might seem impossible to continue the marriage. In this modern world, the concept of “till death do us part” no longer applies, as most of us question it when faced […]

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