10 Things Single Women Over 30 Whom I Would Never Marry Will Say

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sad woman over 30 not married

If you are a high-value man looking for a long-term relationship that can potentially lead to marriage and to build a family, you might find yourself in the position of having to date a woman over 30. There’s a few things you need to pay attention to when you go on a date with a woman over 30, if you’re looking for a wife and potentially the mother of your children. If you’re anything like me, you understand how precious life is and how much of a waste would be to spend it with the wrong person, and how disgraceful would be dragging other human beings (your future kids) with you in this spiral of suffering just because you were not careful enough when picking the right woman. I have been on dates with many women and I am happy to help other men avoiding potentially fatal mistakes that might lead to a miserable life.

*Please note: I wrote this article as if speaking to men, but the content is intended for single women over 30 looking for a good man to marry. Ladies, pay attention to these 10 things if you recognize yourself in them, and take action before it’s too late for you to find a good man!

10 things single women over 30 whom I would never marry will say

I’ve met quite a few women over 30, and whenever I was able to pick up these things, I instantly decided that I would not continue dating them. And I was right every single time.

1. “I can’t cook”

A very basic one. There’s a reason why girls who make great wives and great mothers are also into cooking, and consider that a natural element of being a wife, a mother and, above all, a woman. Making food is the ultimate way to care about someone you love. And being caring is the ultimate feminine feature. Note that I don’t mean “be good at cooking”, but simply finding natural to cook.

women who can't cook

Women who do not find natural to cook food for their husband and children have lost that caring, original feminine quality, due to “empowerment”. And now that they’re over 30, and took another mens job from another man, thanks to the pro-gender diversity elite ruling in Western Society, they have their own apartment and have takeaway sushi or microwaved junk for dinner because “they don’t have time”.

What mother can such a woman be? If she’s not even capable of feeding herself properly, how can she feed your kids? I don’t know about you but I don’t want my kids to be raised on microwaved food. I was raised on good-old homemade food and I don’t want any less for my children. “Can she learn though?” Maybe, but will she? She’s over 30 and she hasn’t had “the time” to learn yet.

2. “I have a career”

If she’s over 30 at the time of writing, she was raised by her parents with the idea of spending her most fertile years cramming her brains with rehashed knowledge to regurgitate on an exam paper, instead of finding a good man to marry. All of this to prepare her to compete on the job market for increasingly masculine jobs, where high testosterone (not knowledge) is basically listed among the job requirements on the ads (disguised as: enthusiastic, hard-working, comfortable with high pressure and tight deadlines).

busy career woman

A career woman is always going to choose career over you, and most likely, over your future children, who I wish will never have to be born from an union of a good man with such woman. Too bad no one told her that when she lands that “dream job” at over 30 her chances of getting married to the most desirable men are pretty slim already. A high quality man can’t fuck a job or a career, and surely knows that the more this woman and her father have invested in her career, the less likely she is going to choose family over career progression, at any moment in time, and even when the time is right and she meets a high quality man looking for a wife and mother for his children.

Bringing women into the workforce is the easiest way for the elites to doubling the workforce and therefore drive down wages in order to better suppress and control the masses. The resulting low wages, in turn, drive even more women into the workforce as men are no longer capable of sustaining the expense of a family on their own. Finally, family and marriage as institutions collapse (and this is already happening) as no longer sustainable and a single, selfish, childless life becomes the first choice by default.

If she constantly declines invites to meet you and makes herself extremely unavailable, even though you know you are a high value male, just tell her to go to hell and move on. Remember: being extremely unavailable to meet a good, high-value man is simply not a characteristic of a feminine woman. It’s just something that happens when a woman’s father was too authoritarian, demanding, emotionally distant and unavailable.

single women meme

And if you think that being a good-looking guy, successful and with charisma will make them become more available, think again. I am a man whom you would call “traditionally-good looking”, and I’m also independently wealthy and would probably tick all other boxes of most women. Yet, I’ve been on too many dates with women over 30 with fathers issues, and therefore wanted to compete with me to get a surrogate father approval rather than submit to me and start a relationship with me to become my wife and/or the mother of my children.

3. “I want to travel the world”

I’ll give you a hint: what she really means is to travel alone, not with you or her future husband, should that be you (for God’s sake I hope not). Travel-addict simply means foreign men attention addict. She doesn’t really need to travel to explore new places or learning a new language. She simply needs to fulfill her insatiable need for attention that can no longer be satisfied in her own town, where she’s already been to all clubs and where she’s already rejected all good, high quality men who naively mistook her for a potential future wife. She needs to travel to show her body to and maybe sleep around with foreign men to feel empowered and sometimes even “young again”.

Redhead girl with suitcase at outdoor.

And, whatever the reason, just the very fact that she feels this constant, burning need to travel simply shows the discontent and distress she feels in her life. She clearly hasn’t watched my videos and heard of that story of the traveler who set out on a journey looking for the village of happiness.

4. “Add me on Instagram”

You’d be a fool if you didn’t pay attention to her social media presence. If she has an Instagram account with thousands of followers, and a whole gallery with pictures of herself in different corners of the world I suggest you never meet her in the first place. If by misfortune, you cannot learn of such thing before your first date with her, I personally authorize you to walk away, no matter how rude you think it might come across.


Remember: if she spends hours glued on her phone and taking pictures in all sorts of poses in short outfits for her male following to lure on, one thing is clear. She is not interested in attention from one quality man. She wants attention from a lot of men. A LOT. And she has now all the tools to go after that. She now probably dreams of following the footsteps of those Instagram models who travel to Dubai and let Princes and Sheikhs defecate on them (yes, you’ve read that right) in exchange of enormous sums of cash, as shockingly confirmed by an Instagram model on an infamous reddit thread who went viral a few years ago. Only, at over 30, she’s too old to be considered appealing as an object to humiliate by those repugnant consumers of human flesh. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t find the thought of such ill-conquered riches appealing, or even just not revolting.

5. “I’m complicated”

This one simply translates as “I’m not interested in you as a man and potential husband. I’m only interested in the validation that I get from our interaction in the sense that I am still worthy of men’s attention despite I’m past my prime.” Not complicated at all, in the end. A feminine, traditional, caring woman is generally a simple person, humble and quite easy to read. She simply wants the attention from one quality man, who can protect her and provide for her and the children, and whom she will naturally submit to. Those are the women who make the best wives and mother. And a good quality man can and will marry, provide for and protect the right woman.

complicated woman

The concept of women as complicated, elusive and is simply a creation of Hollywood and the movie industry, to push the female empowerment agenda: a complicated cosmopolitan woman, hard to get through to, sometimes a bit of a “maneater” , and sometimes a bit lesbian, but most definitely not a wife nor a mother. A complicated woman whom one ordinary (or extraordinary), masculine man cannot seduce, simply because she has come away from the center of the original feminine pole and she doesn’t react anymore to masculine energy, yet still demands men’s attention in huge quantities to satisfy her giant ego. And, ultimately, a complicated woman you don’t want to marry and have children with, because…well, life’s short and much complicated already!

6. “I need time”

She had all the time in the world and she is now over 30 already. How much more time do you think she’ll need? A feminine, traditionally-minded woman knows that, as woman biologically, she has a limited window of time in which she needs to find a man and become a mother. This is biology, and it’s something you can’t cheat. In other words no, she doesn’t need time, because she doesn’t have time.

aging woman

It’s in her nature to find a man and becoming a mother in her most fertile years instead of holding off to enjoy a bit more of her “freedom”, and maybe sleep around with a few more foreign men, before deciding that it’s time to settle down (when its now too late). There’s a reason why in many cultures where traditional gender roles are still preserved it is considered shameful and dishonorable when a woman over 30 is still single

7. “I am not a girly girl”

Another one of those absurd statements that modern 30+ women make, and one that’s never questioned. Am I the only one who thinks that this is nonsense? The first time I heard a woman proudly telling me how she’s “a bit of a tomboy, not a girly girl” I thought: hang on a second! If a man told a woman that he’s not a manly man, wouldn’t that be weird?  Wouldn’t she think that he’s not a real man after all, and lose attraction for him? I’m pretty sure she would, because he would come across as effeminate. So why should this be any different for a man when a woman proudly declares her low femininity?


Trust me, I can spot a real woman from a tomboy whose father wanted a son instead. Subconsciously, she’s been trying to win her daddy’s love by basically becoming “a man with a small dick”. But here’s the thing: a real man wants a real woman. A feminine, caring, “girly / womanly”, sexy creature, 100% in tune with her feminine identity. Feminine girls also make the best mothers. Being a mother is the ultimate and most beautiful expression of femininity. Being a mother is something that a man will never be able to do. Your future kids don’t need two dads. They need a father and a mother. Your children shouldn’t suffer the consequences of your poor judgment when choosing a feminine woman as their future mom.

8. “I don’t need a man”

Of course she doesn’t, she is one already. She’s being programmed to become like a man by the empowerment movement that has influenced her parents before her. In fact, not only does she not need a man. If anything, having a man in her life will slow her down in her progression to accomplish what society wants for her which is, becoming independent from a man and essentially sterile, as she’ll be on birth control most of her fertile years, which at over 30 are tailing off already.

woman who doesn't need a man

She’s been told that she doesn’t need a husband to protect her (let alone to submit to in order to create a family) and for him to provide for her and the children. She’s been sold the lie that she’s “strong and independent”, and she’s already got all that she needs from her job, her Instagram account and her backpacking. And deep down, she has also probably lost her mother instinct in the process, because she’s been told that having kids will only crush her freedom and cut her “wings”. Follow my advice and let these women “fly away” from you as far as possible. And remember that whenever a woman over 30 tells you that she doesn’t need a man, it’s probably because no man needs her either!

Also, you’ll find that such woman nowadays doesn’t even need sex from a man (or men) so much either. Because with all the stress and fatigue from her job, and the instant comfort and gratification that she gets from her social media accounts, why putting so much effort in having a real, physical connection with a real man? The establishment is building a generation of asexual, cybernetic consumers, who cannot reproduce and therefore can easily be controlled and exploited for the elite to keep holding power. Increasingly masculine females are being raised by a generation of brainwashed progressivists, and increasingly feminine males are being raised by single mothers without a masculine model to to relate to. All this also explains why masculine men are being almost marginalized and masculinity labeled and pictured as toxic by mainstream media.

9. “I train in the gym everyday”

You might think that is a good thing when a woman over 30 regularly trains in the gym, because she will look better. But in reality, almost always, if a woman’s body (especially one of a woman over 30 years old) looks good is never because of exercise. It’s thanks to her genetics. If the genes are good, a woman’s body needs no gym to look good, just a balanced diet. If on the other hand, the genes are not good, the gym won’t make her body look any better. 

bodybuilding woman

No matter how good her genes are to begin with, frequent exercise will probably make her body look less feminine in the long run. A woman’s body, naturally, needs the right amount of fat to look good, not more muscle. Women have, on average, 10% more body fat than men. A woman’s body needs to be soft and delicate to be attractive, not venous and muscly like that of a man. If excess fat is present, then a healthy diet can reduce it to the normal level, and moderate exercise can help to improve tone and to avoid or reduce age-related sagging. That’s all is needed. From a biological standpoint, frequent exercise also changes the hormonal balance in our body. For example lifting heavy weights increases testosterone levels. I once went on a date with a 30+ woman who was used to train everyday and was gym-obsessed. She didn’t have anything of a woman left in her. Even her clit got bigger, almost to resemble a penis. If that’s not a sign that she’s lost her femininity. I don’t know what is!

A woman who becomes gym-obsessed never does it to attract one quality man. No man who’s a real men finds muscles sexually attractive in a woman. There’s got to be some sort of perversion in him if he finds muscular women attractive, some kind of inferiority complex related to his sexual development. In my experience, a woman over 30 who becomes gym-obsessed is very self-conscious about her body, and in need of many men’s attention and validation. She needs to feel better about herself, to convince herself that she’s still desirable. Such fitness women are very self-absorbed and they often stick to weird eating habits, which they won’t change for you or your children, if she ever finds her mother instinct under all that muscle!

10. “I am spiritual but not religious”

This is the last type of thing you would expect a spiritual man like myself to tear apart, but bear with me for a moment. To my experience, most women do not understand the meaning of this sentence, yet they use it all the time. They truly have absolutely no idea what it means. They must have heard some other “empowered” woman saying this in a sitcom or some reality show, or on a Instagram meme, and they repeat it so that they can look more interesting, more “emancipated” to a high value man.

spiritual not religious

What they don’t know is the true meaning of the word religion: the word comes from Latin: Re-ligere, and is made out of two words: “re”, and “ligere”, which literally translate as reconnect. The true, original, purpose of religion is to reconnect you with your soul, or with God, if you will. So being religious is a spiritual thing actually. Being religious means being spiritual. On the other hand, to follow a religion is not spiritual, because it implies following a dogma, a system, which was created to exploit people using their fears, and it’s ultimately, just a business.

When a woman over 30 tells you that she’s “spiritual, not religious” she has probably no idea of the difference between being religious and to follow a religion. So you can safely assume that she just means that she is not following a religion. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s spiritual. If anything, it means that she is “Godless”. But it’s worth digging a little deeper into this, as the fact that she refuses being labeled as religious in a dating context means that she is not seeing marriage as something important, as something sacred. In many passages in the bible it is said that when a woman submits to her husband, she submits to God. A husband represents God for his wife, and the husband protects his wife and children in the same way as God protects his own children. When she refuses religion (whichever way she think this word means), she refuses to be committed and submit to a man, and ultimately, to be the mother of his children. She doesn’t see this as something that would complete her and elevate her spirit. In other words, she’s not religious and she’s not spiritual: She’s just trying to look interesting, but this doesn’t make her a good future wife!

Final words

If you go on a date with a woman over 30 and she says all or many of these 10 things above, I recommend you stay away from her and never see her again, as she is not a good investment for marriage, let alone to build a family. If you only see a few of these red flags, you still need to give her a second, third and even a fourth thought before considering a long-term relationship. That is, unless of course you believe that people can change with time, which is something I think can only be true in some cases. But for me being uncertain is simply not enough when it comes to important decisions such as who to marry or choosing the mother of your children.

To be fair, is not easy to be a woman in the 21st century. In this overly-masculine world a woman needs to withstand the pressure of having to be both a man to pursue a career and a woman to fulfill her biological purpose. While this might read as a rant against modern women, I want to make clear that both genders are both victims and perpetrators. While female are suffering from decades-long schizophrenic crisis due to their inner conflict between their biological and societal role, men are currently failing at imposing their masculinity and dominate modern women who as a consequence, do not feel confident in modern men’s strength and choose not to submit to them. Simiaraly, fathers are failing at guiding their daughters through life by showing them how to choose a good job rather than how to choose a good husband. 

But in the end, whether men are or aren’t the original culprit for having let women becoming empowered, the problem itself doesn’t change, nor does the current state of things where women over 30 will have a harder and harder time getting married and having a family. And the ultimate reason is simply that women who give away the 10 signs detailed above, simply don’t want to and cannot be wives and /or mothers. Surely people change, and no one’s perfect to begin with. But remember that if you’re looking for a wife, you want to start from as good as a raw material as possible.

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