Marriage Compatibility Tests: The Shocking Truth

Marriage Compatibility Test: Are They Useful?

marriage compatibilityAstrological sign comparisons and marriage compatibility tests can be found everywhere, all claiming to be able to foresee the future or establish if a relationship will work or not. Yet are these test helpful? Some of these tests have indeed been proven to be very beneficial for new couples, and even for those who have been married for a long time.

The purpose of a marriage compatibility test is to determine how compatible two people will be in a relationship. They are typically taken before a couple decides to get married, just to make sure they agree on different levels and aspects of life. Marriage compatibility tests will test on some different topics, including likes, dislikes, habits, home life, future goals, and much more.

It is important to point out that marriage compatibility tests can give couples an idea of how much they have in common, but cannot determine if the couple will spend the rest of their lives together or even marry for that matter. The similarities that people have will determine if they will get along, but things such as whether they will fall out of love or if other issues will arise cannot be predicted with these tests.

Some of these marriage compatibility test can be very useful because they offer an opportunity to learn a lot about a significant other, as questions will touch on almost every aspect of life. It is an excellent way to find out their likes and dislikes, and even their career and family goals for the future. By comparing answers and determining whether or not there are similarities, a couple can learn whether or not their future together will be promising.

A couple’s compatibility test is taken by both individuals in the couple, and their answered are compared to give them a compatibility score. The score is based on the number of answers that are similar, and points are lost for answers that are opposite. Partial points are awarded for answers that are somewhat similar and full points for answers that match. By comparing answers and awarding points for same answers, a couple can determine how much they have in common.

Though personal preferences and goals change over a period, a couple’s compatibility test is an excellent way to be able to compare likes and dislikes from the start. From simple questions like a favorite color to more serious issues about finances and children, two people can learn new information about one another. They can learn about the past, present, and future of their significant other and see if they are a good match for each other.

Is Sexual Compatibility Essential For A Marriage To Succeed?

shutterstock_285569171If we were to believe everything the books and glossies tell us, nothing could be more important in a marriage than sex and sexual compatibility. Many therapists, as well as how-to books and videos often reinforce this viewpoint.

But is this really true? Is sex the foundation stone marriage is based on, given that so many marriages should have worked but did not. The truth is, not every divorce happens because of sex not being good. And not every marriage lasts because of great sex.

Why then this hype about sexual compatibility? Is it the age we live in? A time when sex has come out of the closet and therefore must be the be-all and end-all of everything? Will this too pass? If we go beyond the fads of the day and seek deeper for answers, we will no doubt find that it is not easy to paint such a one-dimensional picture of marriage.

Marriage is such a complex relationship, an interaction and melding of two people on so many different levels, all interconnected and intertwined. When there is a short circuit in these systems, there has to be a scapegoat and what better than sexual incompatibility, the flavor of the day! And yet, very often, all other things gong well, sexual compatibility just grows and blossoms.

Trial marriages today are the order of the day, and it is because couples claim that they want to test their sexual compatibility. That is how much influence the hype about this subject has had. But, like wine, should not sex grow and become better with time? Maybe what is needed in this area is guidance on how to make things work over time, not to find out if a couple is sexually compatible from the start.

Love and romance can be the greatest triggers to sex. Very often, couples bring to bed a whole host of the days problems and sex ends up being the culmination of these pent-up emotions. Tensions, frustrations, words spoken in haste they can all end up in sexual incompatibility. Or, then again, these fights could result in a great make-up sex, but what about the morning after and back to everyday life?

The trick is to see marriage as a whole, not as a piecemeal. A holistic viewpoint very often heals even the most bitter feuds. Putting the blame on sexual compatibility, or rather the lack of it could be a very blinkered outlook.

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