Sexless Marriage Quiz: Are You Heading To A Sexless Marriage?

Are you going to end up trapped in a sexless marriage? Find out the truth by completing this quiz. (your answers are kept confidential). Remember to answer each question carefully and honestly or the results of the test might not be accurate.

How long have you been married?

How often have you and your spouse been having sex in the past year?

Did you use to have much more sex earlier in your marriage?

On average, how many times do you initiate sex?

Do you feel like you can talk about sex and any sexual issues freely with your spouse?

In general, do you feel that you want sex more or less than your partner does?

At present time, are you seriously considering divorcing your spouse over sex issues?

At this moment in time, would you seriously consider cheating on your spouse because of sex issues?

Do you enjoy having sex with your spouse lately?

Beside sex, how are things going lately in your marriage overall?

Ivan Verr is a marriage & relationship coach, with a passion for helping couples solving their emotional and intimacy issues.

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