Common Marriage Problems And How To Solve Them

Common Marriage Problems After Children

common marriage problemsThe period of pregnancy, after childbirth and childhood does affect a marriage in one way or another. Children are a source of joy and the gifts of God. When a couple marries, sometimes an unplanned baby gives joy or apprehensions as the case may be.

In some cases, if the couples have been married only for a few months and suddenly there is good news of a positive pregnancy, the partners may be taken aback because they might not have been prepared for it.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her whole life changes both physically and mentally. Some women have consecutive vomiting bouts and others may have various other anxiety problems. All this occurs mainly due to hormonal changes in the body. These changes could cause sudden tensions between partners. It will take a lot of support to ease their anxiety. Men especially need more guidance to handle such sudden turn of events.

After the child is born, timings have to be rescheduled to adjust according to the baby’s sleep, feeding time, nappy change, etc.; the mother will be worn out and tired, and she will not be able to give full attention to her spouse. This negligence could sometimes irritate some partners.

The time after childbirth is a severe one for both parents since sleep and rest will not be available for a long time. Tempers may fly, and the father may have to sacrifice his leisure time to look after the month and baby. This could irritate the partner considerably.

The mother, on the other hand, will have hormonal changes and may have bad tempers often. Behavioral changes must be handled with patience and maturity to avoid clashes. Timely help from close family members could save the situation and a boon for the new parents.

Another phase is one which occurs as the child grows up. When a child makes a mischief, both the parents must handle the situation carefully. There should not be a situation where one parent chides and the supports the child. Then the kid will not have respect towards the parent. Tensions and ego clashes will thus occur between the partners. The couple will slowly drift mentally apart, and love will be lost. To avoid such a situation, the couple must firmly resolve to handle difficult children jointly.

Marriage will become successful only if both partners work together and try to solve everyday problems with maturity, dedication, and love. They should not make a mountain out of a molehill or go to court for silly reasons. The couple, if they act responsibly will go through such child rearing phases smoothly and can be an inspiration to others.

Save the Marriage – Marriage Problem Advice

common mariage problems 2Looking for ways to strengthen your marriage? Then you might have probably sought a marriage problem advice from someone that you trust. The question is, did the advice work? Different married couples face different kinds of marital problems, but there are essentially three things that help strengthen marriage.

One of the things that reinforce marital ties is keeping a lid on your anger. This is also a very common marriage problem advice because it directly helps. A marriage can break down if there are too much stress and strain between the couple. To keep matters from getting worse, better get hold of your emotions and lessen your anger.

You will also need to keep your promises. Once you have made a promise, stick to your word. If you tend not to keep your side of the bargain, you will often find yourselves fighting over little that were left undone. Even the smallest of arguments can be annoying especially when they happen rather frequently.

It also helps to learn to say that you are sorry. Pointing fingers at each other will not help. If you believe you have exhibited some form of destructive behavior, then you better apologize. It can be difficult to change for the better almost instantly but with your partner’s help, you surely can.

Perhaps the best marriage problem advice that anyone can give is to keep the relationship interesting. This advice never fails to work. Do not allow yourselves to slowly slip away from each other. Always try to spend more time with your partner than with your friends. You may need to attend to some personal needs for leisure now and then but that does not mean you will always be out with your friends. Spending more time with your partner and coming up with surprises can help much in keeping the passion alive.


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