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Is Your Husband Watching Porn? You Are Right To Be Worried

husband watches porn

Recently, a lot of women asked for my advice because they have found out (or suspect) that their husband is watching porn. Some of these women were shocked or horrified, some were confused, and most of them were worried. Their main concern was the possibility that their husband could lose his sexual interest in them […]

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Your Wife Doesn’t Want Sex? 5 Questions You Need To Start Asking Now

wife doesnt want sex

Are you one of the numerous men wondering “why my wife doesn’t want sex”? This is an issue that is excessively basic for an excessive number of wedded men. The bad news is, there isn’t a “template” solution for this problem. This is because the problem is highly dependent on specific personal circumstances, and many conceivable […]

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Sexless Marriage Advice: Read To Save Your Marriage

Sexless relationship. Sexless marriage depression. Should I stay in a sexless marriage.

Sex is all around you; there’s no escaping it. In the news, on TV, in the magazines. It’s everywhere. So if you’re living in a sexless marriage, it’s straightforward to think that you’re the only one who’s not “getting any”! Now if you’re in that ‘ten times a year’ category and you’re happy with that, […]

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How To Seduce Your Husband: A Practical Step-by-step Guide

how to seduce your husband. How to please your husband in bed step by step

Dealing with the ebb and flow of intimacy in marriage can be daunting at times. Many couples experience changes in their sexual life after marriage, and in some cases this affects women more than men. If you are a married woman and your husband has little or no interest in having sex with you, you […]

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Why A Sexless Marriage Will Never Work And What To Do About It

Sexless marriage. Marriage without sex. Marriage without intimacy. marriage without sex can it work

The loss of intimacy in marriage ranks high among the reasons why marriages fail. While most people’s definition of intimacy revolves around the act of pleasuring one another in a physical capacity, contrasting opinions paint intimacy as an emotional bond which sometimes can be manifested physically through sexual intercourse. Regardless, the loss of intimacy in […]

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Can Bad Sex Make Your Marriage Crumble?

marriage compatibility

If we were to believe everything the books and glossies tell us, nothing could be more important in a marriage than sex and sexual compatibility. Many therapists, as well as how-to books and videos often reinforce this viewpoint. But is this really true? Is sex the foundation stone marriage is based on, given that so […]

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