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Does Marriage Counseling Work? The Only 4 Things That Really Matter

does marriage counseling work

Today, marriage rates are on the decline. Statistics show that about 50% of first marriages are likely to end up in divorce. While this number has remained unchanged for decades, divorce rates depend on partners’ religious beliefs, level of education and many other factors that are constantly changing with society’s evolution. When divorce happens, it […]

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Premarital Counseling: Why You Should Try It Before You Say “Yes”

Premarital counseling, which is a special kind of therapy mostly provided by family and marriage therapists, is believed to offer a great advantage to all partners who are considering a long-term commitment, for example, marriage. Ordinarily, the aim of premarital therapy is to identify and address any possible areas of conflict in a relationship early […]

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Free Marriage Counseling: Can It Save You From Divorce?

Marriage can be quite difficult. It is no wonder that people believe that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. This statistic, regardless of whether is real or not, doesn’t have to define your marriage or your life choices. So many people hear horror stories from many unhappily married couples and think that maybe marriage […]

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Does Marriage Counseling Work? These Facts May Surprise You 

Marriage Counseling

Does marriage counseling work for everyone? The answer to this question will vary depending on many factors such as your willingness to change, how well you respond to the techniques given by the therapist, and the depth of your martial issues. While counseling has worked wonders for many couples, it can make another couple’s relationship […]

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