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Second Marriage Problems: How To Avoid Another Divorce

second marriage problems

Undeniably, whenever someone contemplates the idea of getting married a second time, the number one question that comes to mind is: will it work this time? And if you are someone who believes in statistics, surely you would think twice before getting married again. At a whopping 67%, divorce rates for second marriages are even higher […]

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Why A Sexless Marriage Will Never Work And What To Do About It

Sexless marriage. Marriage without sex. Marriage without intimacy. marriage without sex can it work

The loss of intimacy in marriage ranks high among the reasons why marriages fail. While most people’s definition of intimacy revolves around the act of pleasuring one another in a physical capacity, contrasting opinions paint intimacy as an emotional bond which sometimes can be manifested physically through sexual intercourse. Regardless, the loss of intimacy in […]

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The Best Marriage Advice Quotes You’ve Never Heard Of

marriage advice quotes

If you have a good marriage, you might not think that you need marriage advice quotes to inspire you but even in good marriages, some advice might be beneficial to you and your family. Exploring marriage advice quotes can be fun. At the same time, they will offer you some pearls of wisdom that will […]

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How To Get Through A Divorce: Get The Best Possible Outcome

How to get through a divorce. Divorce advice.

We have all heard the statistic that 50% of marriages conclude in divorce. While this statistic has been largely debunked, other factors come to play when it comes to marriage failure. With the current economic crisis, the country’s unemployment rate at 10%, and foreclosures at historic levels, anybody could predict that divorce rates would also […]

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Marriage Compatibility: Why You Two Are Probably Not Compatible

Marriage is a significant phase of life that most people go through. Once you decide to marry a certain person, you are normally ready to live with your partner for the rest of your life. Many generations ago, marriage was about survival, overcoming poverty, securing family dynasties and not love and sexual intimacy. However, things […]

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Communication in Marriage: Grow Closer Together Not Further Apart

communication in marriage

 A marriage is a union of two people with the intent of sharing the rest of their lives together. This relationship should be filled with the intimacy, companionship, commitment, trust and of course love. Communication in marriage is a must-have to avoid conflicts. Unfortunately, many marriages fail and the lack of good communication skills is […]

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Marriage Compatibility Tests: The Shocking Truth

marriage compatibility

Marriage Compatibility Test: Are They Useful? Astrological sign comparisons and marriage compatibility tests can be found everywhere, all claiming to be able to foresee the future or establish if a relationship will work or not. Yet are these test helpful? Some of these tests have indeed been proven to be very beneficial for new couples, […]

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Funny Marriage Advice That Works: Keep Calm and Marry On

Depending on who you ask, marriage only works one way, ‘the wife’s way’. That is why you will see old men in movies giving funny marriage advice to young, newly married men telling them never to argue with the wife. As long as she is right, everything will be alright! But then you get married […]

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